The World’s Greatest Racing Cars For All Pros

Car racing has been around for as long as (or longer than) most car models. Different car racing competition have their own rules and qualifications, however, the overall aim of this sports is to set the fastest time in the set time limit or amount of laps. Speed is then the most essential thing in the game. But how can one achieve the fastest speed and bring home the beacon?

Speed can  be achieved through a driver’s better handling and a car with a top-notch system and gears. For the former, it takes talent, skill, and lots of practice. With regards the latter, it takes a good design and an even better car power. Many car manufacturers have competed to get the coveted 1st spot of a racing competition. Getting a driver under their wing, use their car, and win a race could perhaps be considered one of the great achievements of a car company. It boosts their brand’s popularity and give them bragging rights for manufacturing the fastest car (and all for good reason).

If you are an aspiring racer, then must know the top car models that may just give you the chance to be the fastest driver. Here is the list of the world’s greatest racing cars:

  • Nissan GT-R


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This is a 2-door handbuilt supercar manufactured by Nissan. Shiro Nakamura, Nissan’s chief executive, says that the car’s design is inspired by the famous anime robots in the Gundam series. This then gives the car a Japanese touch. In fact, its unique design gives it an advantage to other race cars. It has a really good and ferocious launch, which is a big factor if you wish to win a race. It can go up to 600 horsepower. If you know how to operate this car properly, then it’ll lead you to a great win.

  • Honda S2000

This car is a roadster released from 1999 to 2009. It got its name from the fact that it has an engine displacement of 2 liters; this is a lot. But on the bright side, it gives you bigger power, which can reach up to 240 horsepower.

Several revisions on the original design have been made, like those involving its gearbox, suspension, interior, engine, and exterior. Current versions feature slick 6-speed manual transmission and responsive handling which makes it earn its spot in the list.

  • Ford Mustang LX 5.0

The Ford Mustang LX 5.0 is a limited 1993 edition of the third generation Mustang. It is available in convertible, notchback, and hatchback. It has the same 302 cubic inch Windsor V8 as the Mustang GT. However, what makes it stand out is its Fox platform. Fox Mustang can also be easily be upgraded so that it’ll increase its stock up to 225 horsepower.

  • Infiniti G37

The fourth generation of the inifiniti series, G37 almost has all the features of a G36, including the chassis code. What makes this car stand out is that it can reach a 300 horsepower due to it 3.7L VQ37 V6. Who would not be tempted with that? Run faster and kiss your opponents goodbye with this car. But first, you must learn how to handle it well so purchase one, and practice.

  • Volkswagen GTI

In 2006, Volkswagen introduced a faster version of the Volkswagen golf—the GTI. This car is powered by a turbocharge which can produce 147 kW. While there might faster cars available in the market, this one is a good investment with its hot hotch. You can try a few runs with it and see if it fits your driving style.

  • Caterham R500

Caterham R500 is unique in a way that it gets its speed by being light as a feather (but of course, not literally). You add that feature with its 263 horsepower, then you’ll have an almost unstoppable vehicle. Designed in 1957, this car is bound to break the norm.

  • Ford Shelby GT500

ford shelby

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This car is known for its high-performing powers. It’s inspired by the 5th generation of Ford Mustang. Known for being a muscle car, this might just be the one you need to get the most desired win. Later generations of the same model can reach up to 640 horsepower, which they get from a supercharged 5.4 liter V8. It also has the most awesome 6-speed manual transmission. If that’s not enough to tempt a racer, then I don’t know what will.

  • Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman is a roadster variant released in 1996. It’s driver-focused which makes it one of the mightiest car in the Porsche lineup. Not convinced you can bring this car to a race? Then, you should check it’s easy handling feature which comes really handy on a track with lots of corners.

  • Toyota Supra MK.4

Toyota Supra is a sports car that is inspired by Toyota Celica but is wider and longer. For the first designs, Supra proved to be not much different from Celica. However, when it reached the later generations, it became more high-end with 320 horsepower. Talk about a great update! It does not stop there, too. A Supra Twin-Turbo is now extended to reach up to 3.0 liter. Who can deny the power this car can give you in a car race?

  • Mitsubishi Lancer

This is a compact car which is produced by another Japanese manufacturer. At the time it was launched, it was considered unique and clean with more aerodynamic styling. It grew in all its dimensions which make it incredibly spacious. When Mitsubishi successfully uncovered rallying, they’ve produced Lancer Evolution, which set faster time through grip and acceleration. Overall, it provides 291 horsepower and has a dual-clutch transmission which you can use for rapid shifting. If that’s not enough to impress you, it also has a two-piece brake rotor on the front, Bilstein struts, and Eibach springs. Competing with this would surely give you an advantage.

  • BMW M3

A BMW M3 is the high-performance version of BMW 3-Series. It is heavy with upgrades, which include more responsive and powerful engine, lightweight component, improved handling, better braking system, aerodynamic enhancement, and several interior and exterior accents. It’s a natural racer with its 414 horsepower (from 4.0 liter V8). If you’re still doubting which one to buy, then you might want to start with this one.

  • Dodge Challenger SRT

This Hellcat is considered illegal in some races, and for a good reason. Dodge Challenger SRT can produce a booming 707 horsepower. It’s a muscle car all beneath its fancy design. It can push  great speed with the Chrysler engine. If you want more, you only have to fit the engine to an 8-speed automatic transmission. This is definitely not something an amateur racer can touch. Do not attempt using the Hellcat without prior experience with race cars. But once you do, then you’ll enjoy this car a lot.

Nothing beats the feeling of riding a fast race car. However, in choosing the perfect one for you, you must first evaluate yourself and see whether the car you choose fits your skill. It’s not to say that you have to limit yourself. It only means that you have to gain more experience before you can operate stronger, more dangerous race cars. Remember that you have your life at stake every time you get inside the car and run it. If you care about it, then you must go proper procedure.

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