The World’s Greatest Racing Cars For All Beginners

Car racing is a sport that attracts hundreds of people around the world, however, very few of them get to start with it, much more succeed. Racing does not only require the drive to succeed, it also needs you to actually have a race car, which might be expensive. Usually, car racers get the budget from their wins and sponsors. But if you’re a novice enthusiast, where will you get the money?

If you are still starting in the field of racing, you must first build an image and join amateur races. For this, you don’t need a really fancy race car. You only have to purchase one that could support your need as a racer. Still, if you want to aim for the top spot, you must pick out the best. To help you with deciding which car to buy for your first race, here are top racing cars for beginners.

No. 1: A Kart


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If you want to start with the most cost-efficient car, then you can go for a kart first. Do not buy the go kart as that is of the same kind. A real kart is known for its speed which can reach more than 260 km in an hour. This vehicle is open-wheeled and has four small and open wheels. It’s usually considered as a stepping stone towards managing motorsports of higher ranks.

Pick a kart carefully. Browse various shops, online or not. Then, go to a karting track in your town and practice driving there. If you can’t master a kart, then you’ll have difficulty mastering other race cars.

No. 2: Mini Cooper

You can;t judge this car based on its size. This small economy car has been slaying the race track for years. In fact, it used to beat more powerful and larger cars back in John Cooper‘s days. From 1964-1967, a mini has taken home the most-coveted award in a race track in a Monte Carlo rally. It has precise handling, wide stances, and rigid body which makes it perfect for racing.

While many advanced cars are already developed, a mini Cooper can still compete. For beginners, it may be your easy way to success. You only have to practice in a lot of tracks and learn how to handle it properly.

No. 3:  Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxters are mid-engined roadster developed by Porsche. It was first introduced in 1996. At that time, it was powered by a 2.5L of flat 6-cylinder engine which could produce up to 201 horsepower. Since Porshe has made a lot of this model (nearly half a million), it can be affordable and car parts are easy to find.

You need not worry about the car’s performance as it has already proven its worth during a Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge and was able to impress the crowd.

No. 4: Nissan 350 Z

This sports car was developed by Nissan motors in 2002. The first concept design for the car was not very promising, but later developments started to show its potential, especially on the race track. Mostly associated with the famous racer and actor, Paul Newman, Nissan became popular in the field of motorsports. There’s no doubt that this car could help one to win (even if it’s only in amateur races). Nowadays, they are also more affordable.

No. 5: Honda CRX

Honda CRX was first launched in Japan in 1983. It is then quite very old with a design to match its time. However, do not get deceived with its bulky appearance as this is actually one of the lightest cars. Many beginner racers love this car for the same reason. If you don’t believe it, try riding one and turn towards a corner and you’ll have your proof.

No. 6: Porsche 944

Porsche 944

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The Porsche 944 may be a luxurious sports car, but there’s no doubt that it can be a trackside staple. In fact, different versions of this car have been to several races. That includes the British championship of Porshe Motorsport. It could run up to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds or more. It’s not that difficult to handle this car, so you might consider this one before you go buy your first sports car.No. 7: Mazda MX-5 Miata

No. 7: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Though very few people expect a Mazda MX-5 Miata to win, least run, a race, it actually provides one of the most intense and closest wheel-to-wheel racing.  First produced in Japan by Eunos Roadster, this lightweight roadster is essentially a good picture of an evolution of the line of small sports roadsters. You need not hesitate with this one. No. 8: Firebird or Camaro

No. 8: Firebird or Camaro

A Camaro is an inexpensive yet very powerful car. Hence, it has earned its way into the hearts of beginner racers. It is not named a muscle for nothing, after all. Produced by Chevrolet, it has the same components of a Pontiac Firebird. Either of the two will surely get you started with racing.

No. 9: BMW 3

The BMW 3 Series is a list of compact executive cars that are developed by BMW starting from 1975. Six different generations have been produced in all. You grab one from 1980s to 2000s and have a great time racing. These cars are easy to handle and have a great horsepower. In fact, there’s a whole racing series just for this kind of cars. Who know? You might be able to sharpen your driving skills there.

No. 10: Mustang

The Mustang is the predecessor of the class of pony cars. It becomes the inspiration for several sports cars, like those with a short rear deck and long hood. It can surely compete with other race cars, there’s no doubt about that. A Mustang is usually expensive. However, if you don’t have the money, you can purchase a car of the same model that’s about 20 years old. Practice with it and learn how to control it.
These are only some of the best sports car beginner racers can buy within their budget.  If you’re really determined to become a successful racer, you must not let your budget block you from achieving it. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

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