What Does a Neutral Safety Switch Do and Signs That It Is Having Problems?

Are you wondering about what does a neutral safety switch do? Did you know that it is important that you should know if it is already failing? Get to know more about neutral safety by reading the information provided below.

What Is a Neutral Safety Switch?

A neutral safety switch is found in a car with a transmission that is automatic. It is known as part of an electrical that is installed on every car today. This switch will help prevent the engine from starting when the car's transmission is currently in gear. This means that you won’t be able to initiate the car unless the car’s transmission is currently in neutral. It also protects the car to start immediately after you have parked it.

Where is Neutral Safety Switch Located?

Typically the location of your neutral safety switch will depend on the model of your car. There are cars wherein their safety switch is located in the selector transmission shaft, while there are some that are located in the steering column.

Neutral Safety Switch’s Reverse Light

The reverse light in integrated into the neutral safety switch, wherein it will automatically turn on once you stat the engine. The light is also known as an extra precaution since it will be an indication that the driver has already started its engine and may start back up. If the switch failed to initiate the car, this would also affect the reverse lights from working properly.

Neutral Safety Switch for Automatic Transmission

In an automatic transmission vehicle, the neutral safety switch is located wherein the linkage shift attaches to the modern car’s transmission. There are also some cars wherein they have this safety switch on your vehicle’s column. If you can’t find it, then consulting a repair guide would be best. Typically when it comes to an automatic transmission, the safety switch will let the vehicle to start in both neutral and park.

Neutral Safety Switch for Manual Transmission

In a manual transmission, the neutral safety switch will look like that of a switch’s brake light. It is simply because it works the same way as well. This will let the vehicle to be able to start at any gear, for as long as you are pressing the clutch.

Signs That Your Neutral Safety Switch is Not Functioning Well

Engine Won’t Crank While Parked

Typically, if you crank the engine or turn the switch on the ignition, the car should start toe engage. But if the car does not crank, this may be because of a neutral safety switch not working properly which is inside the clutch pedal or the transmission. But this can also be because of broken starters or battery issues, which is why asking a professional mechanic for help will let you determine the real problem.

Engine Won’t Crank in Neutral

Now if the engine does not crank while the car is in neutral then this is definitely because of a faulty safety switch. The switch can be experiencing certain failure, wherein it can only activate one gear but can’t do the same with the other.

Engine Won’t Completely Crank

If the engine won’t completely crank then the is because of some electrical issues that your neutral safety switch is experiencing. It can be because of a blown a fuse or a faulty relay. Now if the issue is because of the switch then replacing it is the only way to go.

Engine Can Crank at Any Gear

Now if your neutral safety switch is cranking at any gear, then this is because of a problem with the short circuit internally. This can become a problem since there is no safety switch installed in your car. It is strongly advisable to replace the switch as soon as possible for you to be able to avoid injuries or serious accidents.

These are all the information on what does a neutral safety switch do and how you can spot if it is already having problems. Always remember that it is best to immediately replace the safety switch to avoid injuries and as well as accidents that may occur, just because your neutral safety switch is no longer working.

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