Top 13 Useful Kits That You Should Prepare For A Camping Trip


The weekend is the best occasion for your family to go camping. With over 100 campsites available, Lincolnshire is always a wise choice for camping lovers because of its fresh air and natural beauty that will help you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

However, to make a great camping trip, you will need to buy a lot of required equipment apart from choosing a beautiful campsite. If this is a confusing experience for you, today article will help you out by providing 13 useful kits that you should prepare for a camping trip.

Before digging into the main part, let’s have a quick look at this pretty land. 

Lincolnshire – A beautiful county

Located in the East of England, Lincolnshire is proud to be the second largest county by area in England, and with a population of about 1 million, it is the 18th largest one. The land is surrounded by 8 other counties which are Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, and East Yorkshire. 

It could be said that Lincolnshire is a mostly agricultural land. In fact, the vast majority of sugar beet, poultry, cereal, and wheat in the UK come from Lincolnshire. Additionally, there is a very beautiful stretch of coast along this area running from the north (The Humber) to the south (The Wash).

It is not exaggerated to say that Lincolnshire, in general, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. A lot of beaches here are have achieved Blue Flag status.

Thanks to its geography, Lincolnshire has many tourist attractions that are to foster their local culture.

Also, Lincolnshire is very well-known for having great places to take a camping trip that you and your family have a chance to relax and commune with nature due to over 100 camping sites.

As mentioned before, today article will give you the essential camping gear checklist that all camping lovers should follow before they go camping.

13 Useful Ki​ts for a Camping Trip

What you should bring along mostly depends on what kind of trip you are going to take. However, there are still bare essentials that all camp holidays require. And here is the list of necessary things

#1. Sleeping pads and bags

Now there are a lot of sleeping bags available in the market offering different prices. Each of them is suitable for a special location and temperature. Therefore, conducting in-depth research on your campsite before making the purchase is required.

#2. Tent equipment

Of course, you need a place to sleep, right? Thus, you need to buy tents, stakes, tie downs, poles, and tarps to set up your tents. However, some campsites in Lincolnshire have ready tents, so check with them to know if you have to prepare tent equipment or not.

#3. Backpacks

You cannot hold everything in your hands, and that is why a backpack is a must-have thing for your trip. There are 3 types of backpacks – long haul, overnight, and day packs, so you can choose the right one based on your plan.

#4. Lights

It is highly recommended to prepare 3 kinds of lights when you want to go camping – Flashlight, lanterns, and headlamps.

#5. Water

Although fresh water is available at campsites, you should bring as much as water you can. This way is more accessible.

#6. Hiking shoes and boots

This is a camping trip, such common activities like running, hiking, or going climbing are often. A special designed boots and shoes will support your ankles and protect you from unexpected injuries.

#7. Maps

Paper maps come highly recommended and try not to be a GPS dependent because there might be no Internet access at the campsite. Instead, get yourself a paper map and learn how to read it before you go.

#8. First aid kit

Do not go anywhere, especially taking a camping trip, unless you have a first aid kit. Apart from common things like gauze, bandages, and aspirins, several special tools, for example, moleskin, bug sprays, or aloe vera should be prepared carefully.

#9. Fire Starter, Fuel and Stove

If you want to experience a true camping, those 3 things are badly needed. It is true to say that cooking is one of the greatest parts of going camping.

#10. Pans, Bowls Cups, and Utensils

This is understandable. Pans are for cooking, bowls are for containing food, cups are for drinks, and utensils are for your personal needs.

#11. A cooler

Whether you plan to cook or not, a cooler is necessary because you need to store drinks and food, particularly in the summer. For mobility, coolers with wheels are the best choice for campers.

#12. Trash Bags and Cleaning tools

We choose to take a camping trip because we want to commune with nature. Therefore, keep your area as much as possible by bringing trash bags and cleaning gear along instead of strewing the rubbish around.

#13. Clothes

Bring comfortable clothes with you instead of trendy ones as you will travel a lot. Also, just in case you need to change clothes when they get dirty.


Hope that the 13 useful kits for a camping trip today can help your upcoming trip be well prepared. Wish you to have a great time in Lincolnshire.


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