Top 33 Informative and Helpful Blogs: Car Care, Repair, and Maintenance

If you are a car enthusiast or a mechanic, where can you get the most reliable and helpful information about car care, repair, and maintenance? You can learn a lot from your co-mechanics, car lovers and automotive repair experts. Some of these individuals have taken their expertise and work to the blogging world, and they have a lot of experiences and stories to share. From repair techniques and advice to car maintenance, these bloggers write everything that you want to know about mechanics and automotive.

Our list of "top 33 automotive blogs" includes expert individuals who have been in the industry for several years. They dedicate their time and effort to help do-it-yourself mechanics, as others emphasize the importance of letting the professionals handle the automotive repair. These blogs also include ideas and tips to keep your clients and your own cars in good condition. blog is also a useful blog for sharing car tips and tricks.
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ItMyCar is a generalist info blog with practical and informative posts on topics that most car owners will find useful. Know, as you read these posts, that they are the result of years of experience and come from a trusted source. Features include advice, tips, and tricks, in addition to posts on parts, safety measures, maintenance, and even a section on fun facts.

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WikiHow is a popular site that provides the most helpful how-to guides about car care, repair, and maintenance on the internet. Most automotive blog sites have only one author. This what makes wikiHow unique, they allow contributors including mechanics, car enthusiasts and other experts on automotive to submit articles. It is being reviewed by 16 people and being edited by 23 people, so rest assured that you will be getting the most reliable information from them.

Look for articles with the green check mark. The check mark signifies that the article was reviewed by an expert in automotive and mechanic. To make sure that their articles are up-to-date, they monitor feedback from readers. The articles are easy to understand even those who are not knowledgeable in cars can follow the procedures and steps provided.

When it comes to mechanical, particularly in the industry of automotive vehicles the Popular Mechanics is a good site. Their blog shares all the news and the latest advancements in the car care, repair and maintenance, aside from the regular updates in the form of news tidbits. They also accept articles from contributors however, you need to comply with their standards before posting.

Also, they carry out their own road testing and perform their own owner surveys. They are not accepting articles about what it is like to own a particular car or submitting driving reports.

With regards to popularity, Popular Mechanics has been a go-to for several years now, further cementing its position as one of the best car care, repair and maintenance blogs on the internet today. Popular Mechanics has a how-to section to help you solve problems and general maintenance related to cars.

The Allstate Blog will help solve automotive problems thru their articles. They provide solutions for unexpected challenges. They put up the blog site to help you manage the unpredictability of life particularly when it comes to car repair and maintenance. The pages are filled with helpful information and tips concerning the car repair that many car owners face in everyday lives.

The blog site focuses on safety and maintenance issue about automotive. The Allstate Blog was developed in conjunction with The Allstate Insurance Company and the

ThoughtCo. is a website that provides answers and information you need about automotive and other matters. They make sure that their articles are written in a way that can be understood even by ordinary individuals. According to them, their writers have deep expertise on the topics they cover.

The ThoughtCo. also has a passion for helping others to learn more. They also welcome contributors to their blog site who want to share their knowledge and expertise on car care, repair and maintenance and other matters. If you can provide not only reliable write-ups but also something that can leave the readers feeling confident and knowledgeable then you are welcome to submit.

This blog site specializes not just in car maintenance, but also on DIY options to help improve your life. The Family Handyman aims to transform their readers into fully functional DIYers by providing them guidance in every aspect of their specific field. The blog site covers not just the automotive topics, but also the home and yard improvement concerns of many home owners.

The automotive section has a wide variety of practical subjects that include the fundamentals of owning a car, repairs, and driver safety information that anyone can easily understand. The Family Handyman blog site wants to make DIY mechanics easy and instinctive.

#6. Be Car Care Aware

The Be Car Care Aware blog site was under a non-profit organization that focuses on raising consciousness about the many benefits of regular car care known the Car Care Council. Those behind this blog site also developed a Be Car Care Aware consumer education program aimed at providing tips and information on various car care subjects such as repair and maintenance.

The blog posts provide specific knowledge that will help extend the lifespan of your car. The Be Car Care Aware blog also has a list of DIY options and store-finder posts to help car owners with repairs that they might require for your cars.

The Advance Auto Parts blog is developed for Auto DIY’ers to help them solve problems about the car and other projects. They provide advice about car care and maintenance and how-to’s article concerning vehicle repairs that are easy to understand and follow.

The blog site wants to make sure that they provide everything their readers would be needing to keep their vehicles performing at its best and extend its lifespan. If you need advice or project guides, Advance Auto Parts blog is the site you can depend on. The blog site has helped me a lot on how to maintain certain parts of my car.

YourMechanic is a blog site with the goal to teach their readers all about car repair and maintenance. Dealing with automotive problems is not only a time-consuming and frustrating situation, it is also a costly one. To help you save during repairs and other automotive problems they provide articles that you can follow and advice that you can apply to these situations. In this blog, you can find posts on how does warranty work and how to troubleshoot your vehicle problem in case something went wrong.

The blog site mission is to build the most trusted source of car repair and maintenance articles. To assure you that their posts are reliable, they display each mechanic’s verified credentials.

#9. Auto Parts Warehouse Blog

The Auto Parts Warehouse blog is a leading online retailer of auto parts. The site offers different types but high-quality performance parts and accessories for various trucks and cars. As an online retailer, they provide over 2 million different auto parts, offered at various wholesale prices for more suitability.

Their blog is easy to understand and demands reading if you believe you are an enthusiast. Aside from the usual tips and tricks and safety guides for car owners, the Auto Parts Warehouse blog also features news and various lists plus how-to videos that will surely get the attention of car owners.

One of the important things you need to check when looking for a reliable post about car care, repair and maintenance is if it is written by an expert. Without a doubt, this site is one of them.

The 2Carpros blog site can save your time and money. This is the site you can trust when it comes to ultimate car problem solving, repair and maintenance community blog. It offers honest, tried and tested, money and time-saving tools with resources for owners, repair technicians, and enthusiasts based on the collective intelligence of their team of auto professionals and readers alike.

They also provide DIY articles to help car owners solve problems on their own. The blog site feature repair troubleshooting, service instructions, how does it work and a lot more.

The blog site is managed by father and son team Bob and Ken, both are master of car repair technicians with over 35 years of experience in the automotive repair as well as in computer diagnostic industries.

#11. Openbay Overdrive

The Openbay app was released recently to provide help to car owners who are looking for the services needed for their vehicles. Readers can describe their problems and find and compare various service centers. They aim to provide the best help for their problems.

The objective of their blog site is to provide DIY car care options and different safety topics that every car owner should know to make the most out of their car experience. The blog site likewise provides serious discussions on topics that involve car maintenance for all car lovers at different levels.

If you are looking for a blog site that provides you information about auto parts and accessories Buy Auto Parts is a good site to visit. It offers different kinds of parts for a wide variety of cars and other automobiles. Aside from this merchant set-up, the site provides amazing and priceless car knowledge in the form of its very own blog. It details different situations which need easy but comprehensive DIY automobile repair and maintenance.

They make sure that it is easy to understand particularly for new car owners. The good thing about Buy Auto Parts is that it features contests that are held regularly for its members to enjoy. They are also proud of their team of writers which are all American auto parts experts. Buy Auto Parts does not outsource. They started with 5 people in a small office and now the number has increased. A good source for car care, repairs and maintenance articles.

Learning how to deal with damaged parts can be just as essential as taking care of your car overall. If you notice that there is something wrong with your car but you are not sure how to fix it, YouFixCars is a good site to check out. It is not just about how damaged the part of your car will look like. The blog site also includes the sound of the parts, and this blog will help you determine issues before the situation of your car worsened.

In the YouFixCars blog site you can view information about DIY auto repair, test procedures, factory issued technical service bulletins and diagnostic troubleshooting. The one who manages the site has been a mechanic for 30 years and has provided lots of information to share. You can browse the blog site if you are looking for information about car care, repairs, and maintenance. To make sure that your car is working at its best, you need to be updated. You can subscribe to the blog sites by clicking the RSS feed found below the navigation button. It is the convenient way to stay on top of the newest developments.

#14. Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

The Cottman is a company that provides quality transmission and overall automotive repairs at affordable prices. Their blogs are updated regularly to ensure the readers that they will provide the latest in auto repair and maintenance. The Cottman blog site covers the transmission service and repair, the engine and total auto repair. The company has been in operation since 1963.

Cottman conducts convention for all the franchise owners, partners, and suppliers. This has made them as one of the popular auto companies. Their blog sites are getting enough visitors since people know that they are an authority in car care, repair, and maintenance. They cater to a wider range of auto enthusiasts including the millennials.

The Girls Auto Clinic group are doing their best to create a site for women in the car industry and provides knowledge and gives them power through proper car handling. The blog site is owned and run by an engineer and automotive technician Patrice Banks.

This very informative blog targets to be a visionary industry leader in the car world by improving the mindset of both the women and the present industry which is dominated by men in its beliefs for improved market growth.

Its objective is to reduce the fear associated with the vehicle repair and maintenance process as it upholds the significance of managing your car properly on your own.

#16. Automotive Training Center

If you have plans of having your own auto repair and maintenance center and want to know the fundamentals in fixing the cars, then Automotive Training Center is the site for you.

This blog site focuses on providing the right know-how that every technician should know, from general ways to carry out car check-up to tire and oil changes, simple maintenance, and tune-ups, to even more complicated tasks like engine and transmission repair. It likewise provides lots of information about finding the best automotive parts in the industry, from spark plugs to tires and wheels.

The Eric the Car Guy blog site focuses on articles about auto repair and maintenance. The man managing this site has been into cars for many years. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician in 2016 and an Acura Certified Master Technician in 2012. Based on the man’s credential the site is a great go-to site if you are having mechanical trouble.

Simply choose the type of problem you are encountering, and you are taken to page on how to fix it. His troubleshooting page provides advice about all the things you need to know from poor kilometers, per liter, overheating to no-start issues and annoying sound in your engine.

#18. Know Your Parts Blog

knowyourparts dot com

Know Your Parts is a blog site started by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association to share the significance of using high-quality parts of a vehicle to their readers. This blog site contains the newest information, news, and trends in the automotive aftermarket industry for that reason, and it likewise provides a comprehensive look at industry effects on businesses, consumers, and the automotive aftermarket industry itself.

To ensure the consumers that they offering only quality aftermarket products, every item is backed by research and development, superior manufacturing processes, quality materials, and the full-service manufacturers who support them.

Through Know Your Parts blog they can inform you that quality replacement parts offer the best value in the long run. In the blog site, they can also present to you essential services like technical support and training and cataloging provided by the manufacturers. You will learn how to repair your car on your own without spending a lot to pay the mechanic.

#19. Oil Can Henry’s Blog

The Oil Can Henry’s was introduced in 1978 as a service center focusing on remarkable and reliable oil changes. The blog site was updated regularly so their readers are assured that they will get the latest in the automotive industry. It also features a chat service where the readers can ask car-related questions and will be answered by Oil Can Henry’s specialist. These specialist are experts in the car industry so you will be assured that you will get an accurate and reliable response from them.

As you explore the site, you will see their feature posts called Henry’s Hints, which features a wide variety of knowledge about cars and the things you need know about car care, repairs, and maintenance. They will also provide you in detail on the different services, like their well-known 18-Point Full-Service Oil Change. Their blog posts are also focused on the most commonly asked questions about engines, cooling systems, drive trains and a lot more.

#20. The Humble Mechanic

The Humble Mechanic is a simple site that provides information about cars in a personal-level. It means you can talk to the mechanic itself as you inquire about your auto problems. This makes the blog site unique and the consumers are enjoying it. He offers different car care tips through blog posts which are honest and factual. Nonetheless, it provides one of the complete car care details on the internet.

The good thing about this blog site is that some of the questions were answered in video forms. Charles is the mechanic who answers your questions. He has been a Volkswagen mechanic for years and he uses his expertise in different cars to guide and help you on a wide variety of automotive matters.

The blog site is full of informative and helpful posts. If you are having trouble understanding how to do a certain thing and you are not sure which part to buy for your car, Charles will answer all your queries.

The MasterTech is a blog site developed by Mark Gittelman that focuses on automotive as a whole. There are tons of car repair tips, reviews, and well-written for a wider audience. If you want to save money and you prefer to do some stuff on your own, you can check out the blog site. There are write-ups about how to replace a car battery or how to deal with annoying sound on your engine and a lot more.

Mark Gittelman is a Certified Master Technician with more than 26 years of experience in the automotive industry. This is a serious site and was developed to provide technical mechanical advice and support. There are pages intended for alternative fuels, auto parts, auto technology and auto repair, along with contributor’s discussions on everything from power window concerns to reference manuals for do-it-yourself repairs.

Brian England provides high-quality and honest commentary on various topics in the auto repair and servicing market. An expert in over 40 cars that originate from the US, Asia, and Britain. He also has 30 years of experience in the auto repair business.

He and his wife created the British American Auto Care in Columbia, Maryland to help the people with their car problems and maintenance not just in the area but those whom they can reach thru their blog site.

The page discusses issues about the proper DIY maintenance and other concerns on how to extend the lifespan of your car. If you are looking for a blog site that provides information on how to deal with problems concerning cars, this is a good reading site.

The Elite Auto Repair site is being managed by David Schultz. He was attracted to the car repair business primarily because he thinks that it has a good combination of technological and mechanical challenges that can keep him involved long term. He has been exposed to cars since he was just a young boy. He worked in his father’s repair shop, but during that time he was not yet convinced that the auto repair world would be beneficial for him.

After graduating from B.S. in business and work in the insurance field for more than 10 years he decided to do what he never thought he would and that is to open an auto repair shop.

At present, he owns both Elite Auto Repair and Elite Collision Center and thinks that the secret to their success is treating his customers the way his father did, with respect and honesty. To further share his knowledge and expertise, he created this blog site and it contains helpful posts on the subject matter like repair tips, car reviews, and new products.

#24. Denlors Tools Auto Blog

The Denlors Auto Blog is yet another helpful and informative blog site that discusses car parts and repairs. The site is being co-managed by Dennis Bandy an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician and also the co-owner of the DenLors Tools Plus, LLC. Dennis also is one of the writers on the blog site and shares his knowledge about car repairs and tools as well as other topics that involve cars. This is a helpful guide for those who want to fix their car on their own to save money.

The blog site welcomes bloggers or car enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience in car care, repairs and maintenance. You can also link the article back to your page or profile so the readers can directly get in touch with you.

#25. Behind the Detail

Dr. Beasley Behind the Detail is a dedicated team of detailers, car lovers, and chemists. They have developed a product line that is best for you and your vehicles. The blog site offers detailed information about the car that car enthusiasts will love and do-it-yourselfers through their unique three-step process – Clean, Prepare, Protect.

Jim Lafeber is the founder and president of Dr. Beasley and has founded a detailing shop in Chicago named Simon’s Shine Shop. Because he was disappointed with the products that he has been using in the past like the harsh car wash soaps and others he decided to produce products of his own.

After several tests, he finally came up with the right formulas and is now using them successfully in his shop and he decided to offer them to the public. This is where Dr. Beasley was introduced. At present, he is not just offering these products, he is also providing informative and helpful posts that are very useful for his readers.

The WheelonRoad page shares information and facts about automotive and car. You are aware that you cannot learn all the things on your own. One of the most effective ways of learning method is thru reading and thus this blog site was developed.

It contains reading articles, tips, and tricks from experienced individuals. To help you learn everything you need to know about your car as well as automotive terms. If you are a car enthusiast you need to dedicate your time to check on the blog site regularly for updates.

The main purpose of the blog site is to provide the reader’s knowledge about automotive care, repair, and maintenance. It also has how to articles to help you with repairs and in buying the best product for your car.

#27. My Auto Repair Advice

This blog site offers information about troubleshooting, simple repairs, major repairs, and maintenance of your cars. On My Auto Repair Advice blog, you can learn everything on how to handle your car just like a mechanic. The website has several helpful guides associated with car repairs, like advice on whether or not to bring your car to a mechanic and how to check your vehicle’s problems. The site will also give advice on how to avoid being scammed by repair shops and how to solve several car issues.

The one who manages this site is a mechanic and he fixes vehicles for many years. He answers people’s questions concerning auto repair. He develops the site because of his friends and family that keeps on telling him “we wish you lived near to us so you could check on our car”. Thru the blog there is no need for him to go to the place where someone needs his help. They can read advice and tips and they can do it on their own.

Thru this website, you will get free access to his many years of auto repair experience as a mechanic, certified auto technician, and as an automotive manager.

#28. Wheel Area

wheelarea dot com

You love cars and automotive in general. If you are in search for a site where you can learn about the features of the car and is looking for someone who can answer your questions, the Wheelarea is a blog to visit. You will be able to find everything you want and need to know about vehicles.

Thru the site you can do the simple repairs on your own. To make sure that you can understand the terms and quotes about automotive, you need to give a lot of time to study and ensure that you are aware of what is happening with your car and find the best solution.

The blog site can provide all the help that you need in the most effective way, there are several methods that you can choose from. For instance, you can sign in to some automotive clubs or classes. The members there can teach you and help you with your concern in real time, which is the best way of learning.

There are tons of articles you will find in the field of cars and automotive, which can help you understand more about the car in automotive in general.

Just like other car owners, you want to keep your car performing at its best all the time. This is the reason why Protect My Car was put up. The blog site features articles concerning car safety and security, it provides tips and tricks on how to protect your car better and it gives you information on what you need to know. This will help you decide wisely when bringing your car to a mechanic.

Protect My Car is the leader in car service contracts and extended warranties. They make sure that the customer has all the resources and tools needed to get the most out of their vehicle. This site was created not only to educate, but also to entertain other members as well in fun, informative and interesting way from all across the world of cars.

For car enthusiasts or into taking care of your ride, the Auto Deets is a blog site that you can check out. The site makes sure that you have all the information that you need in keeping your car in top condition. They will help you in improving the resale value of your vehicle skyrockets to keep it running well and on the go.

According to the site developer, they will help you work on your Auto related needs. They started first with How to’s on car detailing such as washing your car, help you choose the right buffer or complete detailing. The site is now venturing into the details on how to own a car. Auto Deets will help you on your journey of car care and ownership.

The Meyers Auto Parts is a locally-owned company since 1976. The owner of the site is Jose Meyer who owned a small parts store, providing German-made cars, most of the time Volkswagen. The company is full of stocks inventory for all makes of cars. The company has expanded to four areas throughout the valley, plus a fully-stocked warehouse, to comply with the auto-repair needs.

The company objective is to provide the customer with the best service. The blog site makes sure to provide you articles with updated information written by car specialists and experts. They aim to help, educate and solve your problems associated with car repairs and maintenance. Meyers will help you in getting the right and needed parts to repair your car. Their blog page is a good site to visit.

#32. Ken Scales Auto Repair Blog

Ken Scales Auto Repair and Diagnostic is a company that specializes in both domestic and foreign car repair needs. Situated in Medford, Oregon and is the second to none in the Rogue Valley. The company has been awarded as Super Service Award winner by Angie’s List in 2013. If you are looking for well-skilled, ASE certified automotive specialists this is the best company to trust.

The blog site is full of tips and suggestion for car maintenance, and you can be assured that the details in the articles are trustworthy and present a high level of expertise.

The team at Ken Scales Automotive is striving for perfection. It does not matter if you own an economy vehicle, luxury sedan, van or SUV, sports car, light or heavy duty truck, their automotive specialists with years of experience under their belts can help you deal with the issues under your hood.

The primary goal of Cary Car Care is to provide their clients with the best automotive service. The company technicians are ASE Certified and undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest in the car care, repairs, and maintenance. Those who manage the company and the site care about their clients.

They are dedicated to making sure they will exceed your expectations. For the past many years, they have been recognized and was awarded the Best of the West Small Business Award, Motor Age Magazine’s One of the Top Ten Shops in the USA, Cary Chamber Employer of the Year and the Angie’s List Super Service Awards.

With the above recognition, you can be assured that all the information you can get from their blog site is reliable and updated. The articles are written using an easy to understand terms. Some are accompanied by images to make it more impressive and clearer to the readers.

Final Words

The top 33 automotive blog sites above is filled with expert individuals who are willing to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise on car parts, repairs, maintenance, and others. The blog sites also include tips, tricks, heaps of information on how to get started and how to articles. If you are only in search for some good car conversation, some sites can provide you this service.

Either way, you will surely find the inspiration you are looking for from these top 33 helpful and informative blog sites. These sites are recommended not just for car owners but also for those who have plans of owning one in the future. If you find this post helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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