The Land Rover Freelander with Powerful Engine, a Monster Not Made For Faint-Hearted

The Freelander is Without a Doubt a Thing of Beauty

It was early days when people were contented with just car engine on four wheels. But now it is really hard to satisfy the man with vehicles. Today vehicles are not just a source of transportation but on some basis, it also helps them to maintain their status level in society.
There is a huge pressure on automotive manufacturer nowadays as demands and needs of people are so high from them. Now they don’t want just a vehicle, it should have updated security system as well as have the latest gadgets along with luxurious interior and outstanding looks. And who wants to do compromise on powerful performance? For sure no one.

The Land Rover Freelander with Powerful Engine, a Monster Not Made For Faint-Hearted

When you assemble all these qualities under one roof what we get is known as Land Rover. Undoubtedly Land Rover is one of the most powerful SUV’s in the world and it is surely not wrong if we say that Land Rover is the ancestor of SUV’s. One who have Land Rover never demands any more specs nor even complain about what he has.

What does not it have? Class? Comfort? Luxury? Power or safety? Yeas it is true, you can get all these qualities under one roof and a brilliant exterior enhances its beauty even more. Land Rover launched many beasts from past many years but Land Rover Freelander undoubtedly is one of the best not only from all other Land Rover models but from its other rivals as well.

The first model of Land Rover Freelander touches the road in 1997 and from then till now Land Rover Freelander clearly justify the Greek phrase of “Vini Vidi Vici” which means “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Many other automotive makes try hard to compete the level of this outstanding and luxury SUV including BMW, Audi and Ford but they are succeeded till now.

Land Rover is a unique and eminent automaker and expert at making executive vehicles globally. The capability of this Britain based automaker in engineering four-wheel-drive automobiles is indisputable and Land Rover Freelander engine is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces of this automotive manufacturer.

Land Rover boasts a reputation of shaping deluxe and executive vehicles which leaves its rivals far behind. There is no doubt in the fact that Range Rover is light years ahead thanks to the appeal its vehicles hold.

Land Rover Freelander

The Freelander is an executive (SUV) manufactured by the Land Rover. It was introduced for the first time in 1997 and due to its adaptability, it gained a widespread recognition in a very less time and dominated the sales charts in the UK. What makes Land Rover Freelander that much trustworthy is just its quality for which Land Rover is famous for.
No matter older generation or newer generation, Freelander makes sure to offer you a remarkable comfort and admirable visibility. And, of course, desirable Land Rover badge also adds to its appeal a great deal.

Freelander Engines

It is not just the interior and exterior of any vehicle who makes driver comfortable and contented with it but surely the engine is. No matter how famous your vehicle make is or how best-selling model you have if its engine is not powerful and reliable you do not have a worthy vehicle.
It is just Land Rover who provides not only luxury interior and brilliant exterior but the most powerful and reliable engine as well. That is why whenever it comes to the most reliable and powerful vehicle the only name pop-ups in mind is Land Rover. And Freelander engine is one of the most admired engines of Land Rover all over the world.
The initial launch of front-wheel drive Freelander saw 148bhp eD4 engine which returned 47mpg while producing 158g/km of CO2. Freelander was originally equipped with a 3.2-litre i6 petrol engine which was a powerful yet efficient engine.

However, a Land Rover Freelander 2.2-litre TD4 diesel engine was also available on the launch which was a powerhouse of 158bhp. In the longer run, TD4 diesel auto engine was also made available by the company. It was suggested to get the Diesel Freelander serviced after every 16,000 miles in order to make full use of it.

What Freelander Offers In Terms Of Interior?

The Land Rover Freelander is quite suitable for all those who are fond of moving cargo. Freelander offers a whopping 755 litres of cargo space and thus defeats all the rivals in its class by a great margin.
Moreover, the facility of finest materials mounted inside puts the cherry on the top. The seats are covered with premium leather providing a lush look. If we look at the reliability, Freelander tops the list of the most trustworthy Land Rovers and is ranked 22nd in this sort among all the SUVs.

Nevertheless, the Land Rover Freelander is tiered 19th in Driver Power 2017 car survey. It also made its place in the top 10 vehicles in overall safety, comfort and practicality.

Standard Safety Features

Safety is standardized in this vehicle by employing some of the best safety features such as seven airbags and systems to help stop the car in case the vehicle starts sliding off the road or rolls over. Freelander has deservingly earned a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP as a result of crash tests and independent safety tests.
The Land Rover Freelander is equipped with anti-lock brakes coupled with emergency braking assistance which lessens stopping distances by up to 15 per cent. It also offers facilities such as traction and stability control.

However, the provision of latest safety equipment is absent such as driver drowsiness monitoring, lane-keeping assistance and automatic braking systems, due to unknown reasons.
The dashboard is decent with bigger buttons and switches. The touchscreen for a satellite-navigation system is fitted at a distance so as to facilitate the driver to a large extent. Even though the dashboard is a bit old-fashioned yet it rivals some of the latest dashboards.

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