3 Steps on How to Remove Ceramic Coating from Car

As a car owner, you want your car to always look good. So, you wash it on a regular basis and apply a new coat every few months. But despite your efforts, chips, scratches, and stains continue to populate your car’s exterior. Also, water spots, grime, and dirt start to cling to your vehicle the day after you give a complete wash. Good thing there is a ceramic coating that could provide protection from environmental hazards and can make washing your car much easier, without the need of applying it repeatedly.

What is Ceramic Coating?

It's a liquid polymer applied to your car's exterior. It chemically bonds with the car's factory paint, making a layer of protection. A ceramic coating is not a replacement for paint protection film, which offers better defense against harmful elements. Instead, it is a high-quality wax alternative. A ceramic coating produces a semi-permanent or permanent bond with a car’s paint, which means that it does not break down or wash away and you don’t have to re-apply after a few months.

How to Remove Ceramic Coating from Car

The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating provides additional protection to your vehicle’s exterior and helps to keep it looking new with less maintenance. The coating makes your car more resilient and easier to clean. Some of the Benefits of using ceramic coating includes:

1. Protection Against Oxidization and UV Damage

If a car is exposed to the sun, its paint will start to oxidize, which may result in dulled and faded color. Adding a ceramic coating protects a car’s paint against the sun’s UV rays, thus reducing the amount of oxidization.

2. Keeps Protected from Etching and Chemical Stains

Your car gets stained chemically from naturally acidic contaminants. By adding a ceramic coating, you can keep the contaminants from getting in contact with your vehicle’s paint making it resistant to the chemical. The result is that your car will more resistant to etching and staining as long as the contaminant is removed right away.

3. Makes it Easy to Clean

Ceramic cleaning is hydrophobic, which makes it easy to repels water. If the vehicle has a ceramic coating, water will slide off easily. This means that dirt and mud will have a hard time sticking to your car's paint, and if you wash your vehicle, contaminants can be cleaned easily.

4. Enhanced Gloss

Adding ceramic coating will enhance your car’s glossiness. It improves the reflective properties of your vehicle’s paint and adds to the clarity and depth of your paint.

What You Need:

  • Chrome polish
  • Damp washcloth
  • Dry washcloth
  • arrow-right
    Non-abrasive metal polish
  • arrow-right
    Non-solvent based cleaner
  • arrow-right
    Scratch Remover
  • arrow-right
    Spray bottle

Reasons for Removing a Ceramic Coating

As compared to wax or sealant, the ceramic coating is hard and is capable to provide a solid form of protection for a long time. Some manufacturers claim a degree of protection that will last up to one year. But, they will not definitely last a lifetime. This means the product will need to be removed to prepare the surface to add a new form of protection.

If you will not remove the worn layer of ceramic coating it will prevent the new one from adhering to your car’s surface, which will affect the durability. Before applying for the new protection, it is best to remove the old coating completely. Most of the ceramic coatings work best on bare surfaces. 

How to Remove Ceramic Coating?​​​​

Removing the old coating from a car can be done in various ways. This will depend on the level of the contamination and dirt. In some situations, the manufacturers of the product can give you advice on how to remove the old ceramic coating in your car. There are some products created to remove the coating effectively.

Step #1 – Chemical Decontamination

Using chemical in removing ceramic coating is very effective. Although ceramic coating is very resistant to most chemicals, they are not very strong if you use alkaline products. It is not clear if the alkaline product can remove the entire old coating, but they are known to affect the performance and damage the surface layer of your car.

The product is chemical enough to remove a ceramic coating and is potent enough to strip the paintwork underneath. Steps in removing ceramic coating using chemical:

  • Spray the car using an alkaline product
  • Wipe and remove the old coating
  • Buff until the old ceramic coating is removed
How to Remove Ceramic Coating from Car

Step #2 – Claying

Claying may not be enough, but it can affect the coating. Particularly when the coating is a bit eroded, it is best to remove a huge part of the product from the surface. Clay is a resin compound used to get rid of chemicals from the surface of your car’s paint. It has an abrasive that get rid of contaminants as the bar is buffed across the surface. The clay is sticky thus the contaminants adhere to the bar instead of grinded into the finish, including marring or scratches.

The disadvantage of using claying on removing ceramic coating is that it does not remove iron contamination. Steps in using clay to remove ceramic coatings:

  • Glide the clay bar along the surface of your car paint and pass through anything that protrudes from the surface.
  • Use lubricant to wet the surface when claying to prevent the loose debris from damaging the vehicle.
  • Wipe the surface with a smooth cloth to remove debris and prepare it for the application of the new coating.

Step #3 – Polishing

The most common and popular way of removing the ceramic coating from a car is by polishing. This will help prepare the surface for the new coating and get rid of any imperfections. The steps in polishing are as critical as the steps in claying.

Use an abrasive polish in polishing to remove scratches, swirls, water spots, and underneath surface contaminants, producing a perfectly smooth, high-gloss finish. 

Part of this video includes the process of removing ceramic coatings from a car. You can watch the video to help you out with the process.

Final Words

Removing ceramic coatings from a car is not hard at all as long as you know exactly what type of surface you are dealing with. Keep in mind that it is important to clean and remove old coatings to ensure the new coating will adhere well to the surface.

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