How To Fix Sagging Headliner without Removing ?

Car headliners have been aptly described as “car ceilings”. The description fits because a car headliner is a material that is used to cover the interior of the roof of a car. Headliners are important in a car. When driving, you probably do not put much thought into car headliners, but that does not make their function in your car any less important. With time, car headliners may become loose. This can be caused by poor car maintenance or even wetness. Regardless of the cause of the sagging, it is important that you get the problem fixed soonest possible.

The ideal solution would be to rip off the headliner from your car and have it replaced, but this is not always a viable option. Sometimes, a car may be too old to warrant the expensive replacement of a headliner. At other times, you might simply not have the time or the money to repair the headliner. The good news is that there are quick hacks on how to fix a sagging headliner without removing it. They may not be the most permanent solutions, but they can help keep your car ceiling from caving in.

Why are Headliners Important?

1. Aesthetic purposes

If you have ever had the chance to look at what lies beneath a car headliner, you certainly appreciate the role that the material plays in your car. Car headliners cover many things that keep the car running in a beautiful way. Beneath them lies lighting and wiring that is not very pleasant to the eyes. If the wiring was the first thing you saw when you looked up in a car, you wouldn’t be very impressed with cars. But thanks to headliners, your eyes are saved from the unappealing sight of entangled wires and other debris.

2. Temperature regulation

Headliners play a pivotal role in air conditioning in your car. Have you ever wondered how sometimes, when temperatures outside are unbelievably high, the interior of your car manages to be reasonably cool? It is because of the headliner. This material helps to keep out the excess heat. Some headliners are made of weatherproof material, which only goes to show just what significant a role they play in temperature regulation in the car.

3. Sound Regulation

Headliners also assist in making sound in your car pleasant to the ears. The absorbent material absorbs any excesses of a sound, thus ensuring that your ears do not suffer any irritation. This is especially true for those who like playing music in their cars. A good listening experience requires good sound regulation, and the headliners play a vital role in this.

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How to Fix a Sagging Headliner ?

Now that you understand how important it is to maintain your headliner in a good condition at all times, the next thing is to learn how to fix a sagging or loose headliner. Here are a few tricks that will keep the headliner in place while you look for more permanent solutions:

Use Glue

  • One of the ways to fix a loose headliner using very little time and resources is to glue it back into place. This works particularly well when the headliner starts becoming loose from the edges. Ordinary glue will not be of much help when you want to fix a sagging headliner. For this task, you will need special headlining adhesive. Simply apply glue to the detached areas, and then fix the headliner back to where it should be.
  • If the material has not loosened too much, you could still the glue that hardened resulting in the loosening. This is ideal if the glue has not hardened too much, or if water has not rendered it useless. To do this, you will need a steam cleaner and an unused paint roller. You will use the steam cleaner to melt the hardened glue, and then use the roller to fix the headliner back to the roof of the car. You however need to exercise some caution when doing this. If you overdo the steaming, you might end up causing damage to the headlining material itself, which only makes an already bad situation worse. Just use the steamer to melt the glue, not to destroy the headliner material.
  • Alternatively, you can use a two- sided tape to stick the material back to the car roof. Just like with the glue, this also works best when the headliner has become detached at the edges.

Use Hairspray and Staples

This is a unique combination of things to use when fixing a sagging headliner, but it actually works and has very impressive results. You will of course need to use stapler gun, because ordinary staplers are no good. First, you should staple the headlining back into place. Then spray the hairspray around the edges. Let the spray dry out, and then remove the staples. The task might be painstakingly hard, but it sure is worth the effort.

Use Pins

Another quick way to fix a loose headliner is to pin it back to the roof. You could use sequin pins or whichever pins you have and stick material to the roof of the car. You could even get a bit creative when doing this and arrange the pins in a beautiful pattern, say into a diamond shape or another pattern that you like. There are people who might even think that that is the default design of your car.

The Dangers…

If you fail to act on a sagging headliner, it might cause you untold misery. For one thing, it can obstruct your view when you are driving, which makes it likely that you could cause an accident. In any case, why should you tolerate the irritating disturbance that falling foam causes you when driving? Moreover, a sagging headliner is unsightly to say the least. If only for the sake of the appearance of your car, fix the loose headliner.


After reading this, you have hopefully learned how to fix sagging headliner without removing it. The hacks are quick and cheap, so you have no excuse to drive around with a headliner that looks like it could cave in any moment.

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