How to Decide when Buying a Car?

Deciding on a new car is one of the hard and lengthy processes and this guide would help to decide easily

It is one of the most exciting and unique experiences to by a new car and for a buyer, it is likely to be one of the most major purchases as well. There are different types of buyers, in the market where several found the buying process an easy and interesting task while others found it something really hard and daunting task. It is just because a hefty amount of choices have been given to the buyers in the same showroom. Every manufacturer has been manufacturing more than several models of the same vehicle and this is making hard to choose for buyers.

What To Look For When Buying Used Cars

Usually manufacturers are offering diesel car, petrol models and the hybrid and all-electric versions of the same model in the same body style and price differences are very huge where a normal diesel car can be bought from only £20k in the UK however at the same time, if you opt for the same vehicle in hybrid or plugin hybrid trim, this price hike would be nit less than £30k in the existing price. When this happens to the buyer at the same showroom, the process of picking up the right vehicle becomes confusing and tough. It makes it really hard to pick up the best car with the best possible features and optional extras while securing the best deal.

When this kind of situation arises, it means buyer need to do some homework again and come back with something final in mind. This guide will help you to find the perfect vehicle for you, so be sure that you have a knowledge of several main factors before you buy.

Interested in Buying a New or Used Car?

The first step is to decide what type of car you are looking to buy a new or a used car? Means it depends on the budget you have allocated for your vehicle and definitely, at this point, your budget will play a vital role to make your mind. Both choices of buying used or new vehicle have their own merits and demerits, where new cars come with peace of mind and used come with massive savings. With the new cars, a massive hit of depreciation is linked with, in the first year or so, the car would lose its more than 20 per cent of value, however, in the case of used cars, and the previous owner has already had the first hit.

Brand’s Market Value

Mostly people want to invest in such areas where the threat of lost is minimum. Same is the case in car buying. We know that there are thousands of cars on road that relate to hundreds of auto manufacturers. We also know that there are different features and qualities related to different cars. Sometimes you find extra features and smart gadgets in such car which is not famous, and comparing to its other make, it got normal features but higher in the price. Feeling strange? Why it is expensive with least features? There is the only factor. That is market worth and value. Normally people want to buy such a car that is famous. In the case of reselling, it is easy to sell it where as a car with extra features if difficult to sell just because of less market value.
Normally we see that there is a family of car that is considered to be the hot cash in selling prospect like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Subaru, and many others. Sometimes the prices of these cars is also higher but the drop down in their price is also very nominal as compared to the non-famous cars that decreases huge amount right after we drive them out of the showroom. So always try to go with a famous brand whether you have to invest a bit more. It will surely help you in future and you will get relaxed while having these brands.

Benefits of Online Reviews for Aspiring Car Owners

Petrol, diesel or alternative fuels?

There are different types of buyers in the UK, some love to drive petrol cars while others prefer buying diesel vehicles, however, with the current advancement in technology, there is a big number of buyers who prefer to hybrid or even plugin hybrid vehicles these days. Such as BMW X3 is one of the most common models which is available in all trims from diesel to petrol and hybrid as well.

In the selection of the fuel type, there is a rule of thumb to follow, if your travelling is more than 12,000 miles a year simply go for a recondition diesel engine because it would save you a lot on fuel and other running costs. But at the same time, petrol counterparts are cheaper to buy, and they are less fuel efficient as well. However, they are better for fewer miles.

Decide on a Body Style

Around two or three decades ago this choice was really simple in the UK, but now there are more than many choices for body style. If you have a small family and didn’t cover that many miles, go for a hatchback, otherwise, a saloon is for you but now you have work a lot to select a body type. There are SUVs, MPVs, saloons, hatchbacks, estates, convertibles and coupes, every single body style is actually designed to fit into your own lifestyle.

Try to keep the things simple here, and if you are looking for a family car, go for an SUV or an MPV, both are people carriers with all-wheel drive capability. A traditional hatchback like a VW Golf would be OK for your everyday needs. A VW Jetta or a Passat is a saloon for budgeted buying however in the premium most line up Mercedes E Class and BMW 3 series would lead the lineup.

Now work out all these factors at home and then go for a buying process, do not try to get behind the wheel quickly, but invest time in buying to save more for a longer run. Happy hunting is the real saving.

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Christian Morales

One of the most important advice. When you buy, set aside your emotion when buy a car. Just always ask yourself the purpose of buying a car regardless brand new or 2nd hand.

    Tracy Moore

    Thank you so much



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