Most Dangerous Things All Drivers Should Avoid

Almost all of Car Company nowadays are developing cars that are equipped with technology that helps avoid car accidents or at least lessen the potential damage to the driver and the passengers.  However, it is not the car that causes car accidents on the road, but a lot of times it’s the fault of the driver because of irresponsible driving. Lots of lives have been lost because of irresponsible driving and no one is exempted. Once a driver is distracted, accidents will most likely to occur.

In this article, you will see a list of some things that are really important for you to remember whenever you take a wheel and drive. Most of them are very common and even a kindergarten pupil will able understand, simple reminders yet neglected most of the times.

Avoid using Mobile Phones while Driving

Using mobile phones while driving increases the chance of getting a car crash, and researchers have already proven it. Whenever you take a look at your phone to read a single message, it will take you at least 5 seconds from unlocking your phone and reading the message, long enough for an accident to occur. Hands-free headsets may appear to lessen the risk, but studies show that it still manages to get the drivers focus off the road.

Another thing that causes a distraction by using a mobile phone is the internet. Since the development of smartphones, tablets, and social media, drivers, especially the younger ones try to update their status on Facebook or take pictures while driving to post on their Instagram. It is one of the most dangerous things to do, especially when you’re driving on a freeway, and it should be avoided at all costs.

Texting while Driving

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Avoid Daydreaming

Have you ever experienced missing an exit in a freeway only because you are daydreaming? Daydreaming usually occurs when you drive alone or driving for a long trip. Driving offers an opportunity to get you some time to think of  some things that you want to think of. However, this would only cause you to get out of focus on the road and will likely get you end up in a road accident. A responsible driving means your focus should be on the road and not into something else all the time.

Avoid Watching Billboards too much

Modern Billboards are now moving and are very eye-catching. Animated road advertisements sometimes get our eyes off the road for a few seconds and even longer depending on the ad presentation.However, we should always remember that focusing on the ads rather than the road will only put you at risk. Recent studies show that Digital Billboards get the eyes of most drivers up to 2 seconds. This makes enough time for both car crash and near crash accidents to occur.

Avoid Driving when you are Drowsy

Now, this is something that anyone should avoid, but unfortunately, some people don’t have a choice, especially when they have to drive home after long hours of work. Driving tired and sleepy is actually similar when you drive while under the influence of alcohol. A tired body needs sleep and rest. Driving while drowsy tends to have a slower reaction time and the worst case is to fall asleep while driving. According to records in the US, almost 41% of drivers fall asleep while driving that causes almost 100,000 car crashes a year. To avoid accidents because of drowsiness, take some time to sleep if you are tired; a 30-minute power sleep would be nice before taking the wheel.

Driving while Drowsy

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Avoid Applying Makeup or Grooming while Driving

Now this one should be always remembered by the ladies out there. Avoid applying makeup while you are driving; it will only increase up to three times the chance of getting into a car accident. Grooming should be done before or after taking the wheels on the road, not during driving.

Avoid Eating while Driving

During a long drive, some drivers tend to have a snack while driving on the road; driving also consumes energy and causes our body to feel hungry. However, since one of your hands is occupied by food and only one hand is handling the wheels, it greatly increases the chance of a traffic accident or a near-miss. The solution for this is simple, fill up your belly before you go driving and never drive with an empty stomach.

Avoid Driving while Drunk

This is the most popular cause of road accidents, driving while under the influence of alcohol. Many have lost their lives because of drunk drivers and yet many are still doing it. Almost all countries in the world have passed a law that prohibits any person to drive while drunk. This is because we all know that whenever a person is under the influence of alcohol, it weakens that person’s ability to drive well and lessens the sense of presence while on the road. Avoid driving while drunk at all costs if you don’t want to end up in a hospital or in jail or worse in a coffin.

Avoid Reckless Driving

Most of the drivers, especially the new ones see the road as if they are in a race. These drivers always tend to be like they’re always in a hurry merging in and out of traffic, overtaking every single car in front of them, accelerating and braking suddenly. This kind of driving also costs a lot of lives. It is the easiest way for a driver to cause a crash; even professional racers are not exempted. Be calm on the road; don’t be irresponsible. The faster you drive, the more likely you’ll end up in a crash.

Avoid Driving fast during bad Weather Conditions

Whenever we experience bad weather while driving, it is best to slow down a bit to avoid any road accident, especially if you are driving on a slippery road. According to research, about 24% of road accidents is caused by slippery road during bad weather. It is highly recommended to take precaution during this kind of weather whenever you drive. Make safety driving your top priority.

Avoid not wearing Safety Seatbelts

As we all know, seat belts are made to save lives and it does. Wearing Seatbelts saves a lot of lives by preventing drivers and passenger’s expulsion on their cars during high-speed car crashes. Also, always wear your seatbelt properly so that the impact of the crash will be distributed to the right part of the body that can technically take the pressure which is your hip bones and shoulder bones. Proper wearing of seatbelts can also save your face from hitting the steering wheel with or without the airbag. Always keep in mind that wearing seat belts should be done just after entering or before starting the car. Note also that it is illegal in most of the countries not to wear the safety belts; you can be fined or sent to jail if caught.

Listed above are the Most Dangerous Things All Drivers Should avoid while driving. They are very simple to remember and understand. Whenever you take that wheel, lots of lives are at risk if you don’t avoid these things. Always be safe and always drive carefully to avoid unwanted troubles.

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