Best Wheel Spacers: How to Buy The Best Products for Your Car

The vehicle’s wheels form a very important part of its aesthetics. It is the wheels that enhance the overall look of your car. Many people consider upgrading the wheels the first task immediately after the purchase. It is a very popular undertaking amongst car owners.

If you choose the best wheel spacers as part of the upgrading process, then be sure to improve your car’s performance besides the physical outlook. It should, however, be done with a lot of keenness as the results might be the complete opposite at the slightest of mistakes.

It is quite an expensive venture that you should however not plunge into when you are not financially prepared. There are other cheaper alternatives you can consider while trying to improve your wheels’ look.

What are Wheel Spacers?

These are automobile accessories that are designed to separate the wheel away from the vehicle especially those that have larger tires. They come with bolts that match the tire hub holes. And to secure them on the wheels, they come with studs.

These studs are attached to the brake drum and are therefore the spacers, and the wheels are fitted together as a single solid unit. A lug nut is then placed on each stud after which you have to tighten them using a wrench.

The risk that might come as a result of spacers or tires flying off is totally eliminated by ensuring that there is level driving on all the four tires. If you are much into off-road driving, then these wheel spacers will offer you a safer and smoother driving experience on the off-roads.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing Wheel Spacers

Best Products for Your Car

The safety of your ride is so important that you cannot just purchase any vehicle accessory and install without knowing the basics that make it the best in its category. The features of these wheel spacers are what will help you make an informed opinion before the actual purchase.

The many wheel spacers you will find on the market are not 100% guaranteed to work for you. First, you have to know exactly what your car needs. This section gives an in-depth analysis of these so important features. Take a look:

1. Thickness of wheel spacers

If you have to choose a wider spacer, it is highly likely that it will be thicker as well. The spacers should however not be thick to the extent that the lug nuts will not have sufficient tread for bolting securely onto the studs.

It is recommended that you get at least 8 full revolutions before torquing the lugs to get a tight result. You can go for longer studs; however, they tend to degrade the structural strength of the spacers.

The thicker spacers will also add unnecessary stress to the suspension and bearings of your wheels. This is due to their original design that ensures proper weight distribution and positioning.

You should, however, note that the thicker spacers will widen your track, particularly the rare ones to help reduce oversteering. On the contrary, too much widening of the front track increases steering resistance. Therefore choose the thickness of your spacers keenly.

2. Fitment

The spacer you are to buy should fit the pitch circle diameter (PCD), and most importantly the number of studs should also match. There are a large number of universal spacers out there that you can possibly choose from. However, it is much better if you acquire a more precise fitment.

You can always try the spacers out to check if they will fit by simply trying to match the studs and adjusting the bolts. If you realize that the bolts can be adjusted by the hands without any form of friction, then you are at liberty to have them.

3. Quality

Quality of the wheel spacers should not be compromised. Most of the cheaper ones might crack on the slightest of stress. That should not be mistaken to mean that cheap spacers are low quality. There are some affordable kinds that are extremely high quality.

The general perspective that the most expensive is of high quality and long-lasting might at times work when it comes to wheel spacers. Save some money and then buy the branded ones as they have been tested over long periods and quality affirmed. High-quality wheel spacers mean more aggressive and stance appearance.


4. Type of wheel spacers

The wheel spacers are of different types. These are the short bolts, the long bolts, the aluminum, urethane among other types of wheel spacers. Since these wheel spacers are meant to add stress to the axles and hubs of the vehicle, you should know what your car needs and that is what you should demand when planning to make a purchase.

5. Ease of installation

Choose the wheel spacers that come with all the needed accessories to save you on the time spent on the installation. This should be a simple task to be accomplished in a matter of hours. However, a wrong choice will surely cost you a lot in terms of resources such as money and time.

A Review of Five of The Best Wheel Spacers Currently on The Market 2022

* Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


The ECCPP is a brand that has been known for quite a long time to produce high-quality vehicle spare parts, wheel spacers included. The wheel spacers are fitted with features that cater for both the professional and first-time installers who would like to do the upgrade by themselves.

These wheel spacers are made of aluminum alloys that have been forged to improve both the durability and performance. This Aerospace 6061-T6 Grade type of aluminum is made rigid by the T6 treatment against heat.

The bolts are grade 10.9 made of high-quality materials for the most outstanding performance ever seen. These wheel spacers are CNC machined at angles of 60 degrees taper that are precisely specified, hardened and heat treated with studs for safety purposes.


These wheel spacers are designed in such a way that they widen the wheelbase of your vehicle. This helps increase the vehicle’s stability and therefore offers better handling features. Apart from the technical bits, these wheel spacers will surely give your vehicle an aggressive appearance with cooler looks.

The wheel spacers come in packs of four pieces which are 2-inch thick and a 5x4.5 bolt pattern with 20 wheel lug nuts. The item weighs 7 pounds. It is recommended that you check on the vehicle compatibility from the product description before making any purchase.

Top features

  • Made of aerospace aluminum of grade 6061-T6
  • Has undergone T6 heat treatment
  • They are CNC machined with tapers at 60 degrees
  • Fitted with studs for safety purposes
  • They offer very aggressive appearance
  • More stability and handling features
  • Comes in four pieces each with a bolt pattern of 5x4.5
  • The hub bore has a size of 87.1mm
  • The spacers are 2-inch thick
  • The studs have thread pitch of ½ inches
  • Fits on the 1984-2001 Jeep, 2006-2012 Jeep Liberty and the 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • Weighs 7 pounds


  • High performance
  • Durable and will, therefore, serve you for long
  • Very rigid
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Improved vehicle stability
  • Better handling
  • Aggressive appearance
  • Easy installation


  • The conical boring tightens the nuts at between ¼ and ½ to turn off


The YITAMOTOR Wheel Spacers apart from just providing your vehicle with that awesome look also improve the handling capability and by extension the stability. The tire clearance is also increased by these wheel spacers.

With these wheel spacers, your worries about fix brake caliper clearances are things of the past. You can as well install a lift or lowering kits together with high, wider or larger traction tires. It has a hub-centric that has been designed with a centering collar that is perfectly fitting making the spacer to function precisely as an extension of the axle hub.

The risks of vibration have been eliminated by the compatibility that comes as a result of this high precision. These wheel spacers are made of aluminum billet that is the high-quality 6061-T6. The pre-installed bolts are grade 10.9 and have been hardened and heat-treated.


The surfaces of these spacers are anodized to provide additional protection against corrosion. Contrary to the spacers made of steel, these are both strong and light. The wheel spacers have a two-year warranty. The item weighs 16 pounds.

Top features

  • Has an additional centering collar
  • Machine-manufactured from the 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Pre-installed grade 10.9 bolts that have been hardened and heat-treated
  • The bolt pattern is 5x5/5x127mm
  • The hub bore size is 71.5mm
  • It has a thread pitch of ½’’x20 studs
  • The spacers are 38mm thick
  • Their surfaces are anodized


  • Aggressive appearance and stance
  • Improved stability
  • Increased handling ability
  • Increased tire clearance
  • Allows for the installation of lift or lowering kits
  • Precise wheel compatibility
  • No risks due to vibration
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • No brake caliper issues
  • Easy installation


  • Lugs get loose after some time of use


The ECCPP Black Hub-centric wheel spacers are built with high precision and can be easily installed by both professionals and first-timers. The aluminum 6061 T6 from which they are made makes them durable while at the same time enables them to improve the performance of the vehicle.

The studs on these wheel spacers are the hardened and heat-treated grade 10.9. They are heavy duty to enhance the safety features. The wheel spacers come in packs of four with twenty-four wheel lug nuts.

The billet aluminum, T-6 that these wheel spacers have been made of is known for its long-lasting capabilities. The item weighs 23.7 pounds. The wheel spacers fit a very wide variety of car models. You can, however, check on whether they are fitting before making any purchase.


Top features

  • The heavy-duty studs are hardened, heat-treated and are of grade 10.9
  • They are made of the high-quality aluminum alloy of 6061 T6
  • The vehicle and wheel bolt patterns are 6x139.7mm or 6x5.5
  • The thread pitch is 14x1.5
  • The inner diameter is 78.1mm
  • The thickness is 2 inches
  • The item weight is 23.7 pounds
  • The packaging comes with four-wheel spacers together with twenty-four lug nuts


  • High performance hence very reliable
  • Long-lasting and will, therefore, give you value for your money
  • Hardened and heat-treated heavy-duty studs to ensure safety
  • Fit in a wide variety of vehicle models
  • Attractive and will make your car look beautiful


  • Rubbing of tires on the fender at the inner part



The Spidertrax S2PWHS010 wheel spacers have a 5 on 5 patterns for bolts. The anodized dark blue aluminum alloy of 6061T6 are strong, long-lasting, lightweight while at the same time are free from corrosion. They are also very lightweight.

Unlike most wheel spacers that come in packs of four, they are sold in pairs, which mean that you will purchase two pairs to make it four spacers for your vehicle. Their thickness is 1-1/2 inches. The pre-installed studs are 10 in number. Other accessories are a thread locker and 10 lug nuts.

These highly impressive wheel spacers are easy to install and maintain. You can space your rear and front wheels for YJ, ZJ, KK, XJ, TJ and KJ axles. Each spacer is hub centric to ensure a perfect fit. What’s more, there will be no rubbing of tires at full turn when using these wheel spacers on your car.

Top features

  • Are 1-1/2-inch thick
  • Sold in pairs
  • The 10 wheel studs have been pre-installed
  • Are made of the aluminum alloy of 6061T6
  • The surfaces have been anodized
  • The bolt pattern 5 on 5
  • Has a net weight of 8.7 pounds


  • Free from corrosion hence long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • No rubbing of tires at full turn
  • Better stance
  • High-quality wheel spacers


  • Comes in pairs unlike most wheel spacers that come in packs of four


These wheel spacers are high quality, reliable and will produce the performance you desire. This improves on your steering control, comfort and most importantly the handling characteristics. Accompanied by all accessories, these wheel spacers are easy to install.

The installation is based on the bolt-on system which is so simple. No cutting, modifications or preloading of the strut. This means that in approximately 2 hours you will be done with your installation.

These products have a warranty of 2 years on them from the time of purchase. With these wheel spacers, the tire clearance has been increased together with the fixed brake caliper. You can as well install a lift or lowering kits and the high, wider and larger traction tires.


It is highly recommended that you check on the product description and compare with the vehicle’s details for fitment purposes. The net weight of this item is 17.6 pounds.

Top features

  • The bolt pattern is 6x5.5 inches
  • The hub bore is 108mm in diameter
  • The wheel spacers are 50mm thick
  • Their thread pitches are 14x1.5 inches
  • They are lug centric
  • The item’s net weight is 17.6 pounds
  • Fitted with 10.9-grade studs
  • Backed by a two-year warranty from the time of purchase


  • Aggressive appearance and stance
  • Easy installation and can be finished within 2 hours
  • Increased tire clearance
  • Stable hence safe to use on your vehicle
  • Improved handling performance
  • Allowed installation of lowering or lift kits
  • Increased safety when having them on your car
  • Proper wheel offset


  • Centering on the wheels do not fit so well


The physical outlook of your ride is very important. A very important component of the car that is always neglected by many is the wheels. They too need some upgrading to ensure an improved performance apart from the adorable look that they come with.

The wheel spacers have been designed specifically for such purposes. Of the best wheel spacers reviewed above, the Spidertrax S2PWHS010 Wheel Spacer takes the overall prize as the best amongst them. These wheel spacers are made of the special aerospace aluminum alloy that makes them lightweight.

They are at the same time anodized to make them resistant from corrosion which means you can trust them to last longer than expected. With these high-quality products, rest assured of an aggressive and appealing stance from your vehicle.

I have used these wheel spacers for a long time now, and for sure none beats them when it comes to delivery. They are the kind I would choose any day. I would, therefore, like to recommend them for your upgrades as well. It is surely a choice that you will never regret.
If you are into trying out new experiences, then you can give a try to any of our other four products. Any of the products that we reviewed are of topnotch quality. Feel free to interact with us whenever there is an issue that you feel should get our attention. 

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