Best Trailer Coupler Lock: Useful Tips on Buying the Best One (Mar. 2019)

Trailer tongue locks are well-designed accessories that make the use of hitches easy as well as maintaining them. The locks normally ensure that your trailer is tightly obsessed into the towing truck. Trailer locks are designed uniquely and modified to stay longer. The locks can be found in several designs.

It is important to ensure that the one you buy suits your trailer. Most of these locks are usually designed to resist rust and any other harsh environmental conditions. The best trailer coupler lock for your trailer must meet the required standards. The lock has to be designed in a way that makes it difficult to break.

Most manufacturers also design them in a way that they are easy to set up in order to save time during installation. Since it provides security to the trailer, it should always be designed in a way that makes spying off to be hard. How is this feature achieved? It is achieved by designing the locks to be strong and unique.

Factors and Features to Consider When Buying the Best Trailer Coupler Lock/Tongue Lock

When purchasing the locks, there are a lot of finer details you have to consider. You may want to buy the lock for your new trailer or replace the one you already have. In both cases, there are things you have to consider to ensure that you buy the correct one for your trailer and one that will serve you best.

The following are some of the things to consider. Remember, what we have listed below can be regarded as just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to features to consider. There are so many other finer features that you really need to pay attention to in your quest to acquire the best trailer tongue lock.

  • The material used

It is important to consider the material used to make the locks. The best material is always steel or aluminum. A combination of both aluminum and steel can also make a better one. These materials are durable and rust resistant. This makes the lock to offer maximum protection as well as the best durability.

  • The type of trailer tongue you have

The trailer tongue’s shape may be straight, gooseneck or A-frame. The shape determines the type of lock your trailer tongue requires. You must be able to choose the one that fits your trailer tongue perfectly.

  • Installation procedure

The best trailer lock should be the one that is easy to set up. This ensures that you save time during the installation and removal of the trailer tongue lock. No one would like spending the whole day just trying to figure out how to install the tongue lock.

  • Maximum security

This is important since the locks offer security and keep the people who might want to interfere with the trailer away. The lock must be unique and designed in a way that makes it difficult to be spied on by unwanted people.

  • Price of the tongue lock

Last but not least, it is very crucial always to consider the cost of the item before you buy them. The cost comes after you have considered the features required. You may navigate through various products which have met the required standards, and you compare their prices. Sometimes you can be advantaged to get the best lock you want at a better price.

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The importance of Trailer Tongue Locks

The trailer tongue locks play a very important role in the trailer. This is why they are found in most trailer tongues. Some of the functions of the trailer tongue locks are:

  • Prevents the coupler latch from opening accidentally. The lock ensures that the latch is held tightly while towing hence preventing it from opening up. This means that a trailer tongue should have a lock to ensure its safety while traveling.
  • Reduces the possibility of trailer theft or interference. The trailer tongue lock offers security to your trailer since it locks it in place. After locking it, you will be the one having the keys, and this will make it difficult for another person to access it out of your concern.

The trailer tongues are always designed to be unique. This means that specific locks match specific trailers. The keys to the lock are also specific. This helps to prevent an invader from trying to tow your trailer using another vehicle.

Reviews of  Five Best Products on The Market 2017-2018

There are several tongue couplers on the market. Even though they have the same function, some are modified to serve you best. The locks may differ in terms of durability, strength and price. Due to these differences, finding the best one might be a headache for most of us. This is why I have done this review of the best trailer coupler locks to help you in choosing the best one.

The five trailer tongue locks covered in this review are of a high quality. They have the amazing features that promise better services.

1. CURT 25153 straight-Tongue Coupler


Curt 25153 has great features which make it dependable. It has couplers which help to keep your trailer tightly latched. Your trailer needs a lock which is strong and can take it for longer distances without any problem. The Curt 25153 lock is capable of doing this. With this lock; there is no need to worry during your tow journey as long as you have it in your trailer.

Curt straight tongue coupler is designed in a way that makes it easy to install hence saves on your time. The lock is made of hardy steel which is strong and lasts longer. The durable zinc furnish material protects it from corrosion. The Posi-lock coupler is adjustable and easy to operate as well.

This type of lock serves best for a trailer whose weight capacity is 3500 lbs. It also comes with couplers which are given a three-year warranty. The only slight issue you should be worried about is that the Curt 25153 cannot be used in gooseneck and A-frame shaped trailer tongues.

The top features

  • It fits 2inch wide and straight trailer tongues
  • Has spring and nut Posi-lock design which allows easy adjustments
  • It is manufactured using die-cut and punched out steel


  • Its construction of Posi-Lock couplers design is in a way that makes it easy to operate. This also makes it adjustable
  • The lock is constructed using punched out steel which makes it durable and trustworthy
  • Zinc finish on the lock is corrosion resistant hence preventing wear and tear making it last longer
  • The lock features holes that allow safety pins hence increasing its efficiency


  • The lock only fits into the straight trailer tongues. Cannot be used in other types such as gooseneck and A-frame shaped trailer tongue

2. Master Lock 377KA Trailer Coupler Lock


377 model of Master Lock is designed to be easy to install and remove. This will always give you an easy time to transport and use it whenever your trailer is not in use. The locking mechanism of this product is advanced which makes it difficult to tamper with. The strong shackle also prevents picking.

This will always give you a peaceful mind when your trailer is parked somewhere since no one can manage to interfere with it. The lock is designed to fit 1-7/8 inch and most 59 mm trailer couplers. This feature enables the lock to fit many trailers hence you will not always worry about a lock when you buy another trailer.

It is made of steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion; this enhances the durability of this tongue lock. The keys are designed uniquely hence giving maximum security to your valuable property. What’s more, this trailer tongue lock is made of steel making it very strong, durable and reliable.

The top features.

  • Keyed alike
  • The lock fits 1-7/8 inch, 2 inches and most of 2-5/16 inch trailer couplers
  • Manufactured using steel material which is strong and rust resistant
  • Has weight of 2.2 pounds
  • Designed with advanced locking mechanism


  • The lock is designed to resist rust and corrosion
  • The locking mechanism is in a way that resists prying and picking hence offering maximum security
  • Designed in a way that makes its installation and removal easy
  • Can serve many trailers since it fits most trailer tongues
  • Made of steel material which is strong hence it serves for a longer period


  • A customer complained of one key fitting many locks hence there is a risk of someone having a similar lock being able to unlock yours

3. Trimax UMAX 100 Premium Universal Trailer lock


Trimax UMAX 100 coupler lock is designed exclusively with 360 degrees of hardened steel material which is the best for your trailer. It provides maximum security to your trailer when it is not hooked up. The lock is designed to be strong enough to be dependable. It is designed with a 6-tooth, 3/8 inches double ratchet lock system, a hardened 5/8 inch 16mm shackle made of steel and a half turn new technology that prevents false locking. This ensures maximum security.

The lock is designed in a way that it is easy to install i.e. you simply slide up the ball into the lock’s coupler then you replace the U-shackle. The UMAX fits all the couplers plus more such as 1-7/8” or 2 inch Fulton, Bulton heavy duty and Atwood 2 inch.

The product has been tested and has been approved to be tough. Its warranty which is a lifetime warranty ensures that the product is trustworthy. If you have been searching for the perfect trailer lock all your life, then this is it. You will never at any chance regret making a decision to buy the Trimax UMAX 100 trailer lock.

Top features

  • The design is exclusive offering 360 degrees of hardened steel protection
  • Has a key hole which is designed with cover slides which seal out dirt and grime
  • Ballstick-grade nylon housing which is attractive and absorbs hammer blows as well as protecting it from the weather
  • The key is A-Type spring loaded, 7 pins and of high security
  • Weighs six pounds
  • One size of the lock fits most coupler locks


  • Ratchet lock system is dual hence offers maximum security
  • The design is exclusive offering 360 degrees of hardened steel protection which makes it last longer
  • Has a key hole which is designed with cover slides which seal out dirt and grime hence ensuring efficiency of the product for a longer period
  • Has ball stick-grade nylon housing which is attractive and absorbs hammer blows as well as protecting it from the weather
  • The key is A-Type spring loaded, 7 pin and of high security
  • One size of the lock fits most coupler locks hence it serves many types of trailers
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Key could be tricky to insert

4. Tow ready 63228 Coupler lock


Tow Ready coupler lock, sometimes referred to as the Gorilla Guard is designed to offer maximum protection to your trailer. It comes with two keys which are uniquely designed. The lock fits the trailer with a ball socket, solid steel bar and wraps the coupler.

It has a one year warranty which covers it for that duration. The lock is designed in a way that it resists rust and corrosion. This basically means that your trailer tongue lock will last as long you would want it to. If you have been trying to acquire one of the lightweight tongue locks, then the Tow ready 63228 should be your number one choice. It can easily be carried along when not in use due to its light weight.

The lock is strong hence keeps the trailer safe and secure. It fits 2-inch coupler trailers perfectly. What’s more, this trailer lock is very easy to use. Even people who have never used it before can simply figure out how to use it without reading the manual.

Top three features

  • Has a weight of two pounds
  • Fits into the trailer ball socket, solid steel bar which wraps the coupler
  • Designed with advanced locking mechanism
  • It fits 2” couplers
  • It has slots in the lock measuring 3-7/8” and 3/8 inch


  • The locking mechanism is advanced hence is secure
  • Weighs around two pounds hence easy to carry along when not in use
  • Fits into the trailer ball socket, solid steel bar and wraps the coupler hence holding it tight
  • It fits 2” couplers perfectly
  • Designed in a way that it resists rust and corrosion
  • It is well made and to ease its use


  • Inserting the key into the lock is hard

5. The Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock


This Universal lock is an accessory to all your trailer hitch locks. It serves many trailers hence saves on the cost. The lock is adjustable hence easy to install. The material used to make the lock is an alloy of aluminum which is strong enough to protect the lock from theft. The material also prevents it from the harsh weather conditions hence last longer.

This lock will give your trailer the maximum protection. When you install it in your trailer, you will always have a peaceful mind when you park it. Another unique feature that makes this lock to stand out is its outstanding A36 steel having a chrome finish. This feature enhances the security offered by this lock.

What’s more, it also has steel locking pins to ensure that no stone is unturned when it comes to matters dealing with the security and safety of your trailer. It is also very strong and durable, and this will ensure that it offers you several years of quality service.

Top features.

  • Mounts and locks perfectly onto the trailer hitch lock
  • It contains a substantial A36 Steel with a chrome finish and steel locking pins for safety
  • Aluminum alloy base consisting of powder coating
  • The lock contains a corrosion resistant material which is rust free and persists in all weather conditions
  • The lock is high quality hence resists drill out, helping to maintain maximum security
  • Item weighs 2.1 pounds


  • It capable of mounting and locking perfectly onto most trailer hitch locks
  • It has A36 Steel having a chrome finish as well as steel locking pins for increased safety
  • Aluminum alloy base consisting of powder coating which makes it to last longer
  • It is corrosion resistant hence more durable
  • This lock is made to be strong and durable
  • Its construction makes it easy to install and remove it


  • It can be unlocked by a master key

Wrapping up

The society is full of people with various traits, and unfortunately, some of them are thieves. These thieves always want short cuts in life, and they achieve their evil motives by stealing. Your trailer can be stolen if you don’t have the best lock to keep it safe. To have the best trailer lock, this article has outlined all that you need to know.

It is now upon you to put into practice what you have learned in this article and buy the best trailer tongue lock to keep your trailer theft proof. We have provided you with some of the best trailer coupler locks on the market based on real experience as well customer feedbacks and features. We would highly recommend the Trimax UMAX 100 Premium Universal Trailer lock as the best of the five trailer tongue locks reviewed above. It is easy to install and remove, offers maximum security and can serve several types of trailers.

Perhaps you don’t agree with our verdict, and you think the Trimax UMAX 100 should not have been the highly recommended trailer lock. If you think so, feel free to tell us which one among the five locks reviewed above should have been the most highly recommended? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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