Best Tool Chest for The Money – Buying Guide (Update 2022)

If you want to finish your work fast and efficient, you need to organize your tools. The best way to do that is by finding a quality tool box. Determining what the best tool chest for the money is not that easy. You should know first what type of tool chest you need.

In this article, we will review 5 of the tool chests today that you can consider buying. To make it easier for you, we have also included the qualities you need to focus on when deciding. We are not promoting any product. We have written this buying guide to help our readers decide which tool chest to choose.

Types of Tool Chest and Their Benefits

Before we get into the reviews of our top 5 best rated tool chest, we will first take a brief look at the types of tool storage. There are two types of tool boxes, the portable tool box, and the rolling tool chest.

1. The Portable Tool Box

This toolbox is big and heavy. It gives enough storage space to contain hammers, wrenches, extensions and smaller components thru segmented drawer trays. Some of the benefits of having a portable tool box are as follows:

  • Portability – they let you carry the most important tools with you. It will also help prevent tarnishing, corrosion and other types of damage
  • Organized – a good tool box has an open and close compartments and containers. This will keep the screws, nuts, and bolts in the right place.
  • Sturdy – a well-designed rolling tool cabinet can last for many years. This type of tool box can survive the harsh weather and everyday use.

2. Rolling Tool Chest

Some of the tool chests available have more than 10 drawers within the cabinet. An organized tool chest can house every hand-tool that you could ever need. The tool chest is perfect for the workshop or the garage. If you have a lot of tools and you need to store it in one place, the rolling tool chest is a good option.

Things to Consider when Buying a Rolling Tool Chest or a Portable Tool Box

  • Durability and Strength

Most of the tools are heavy, and some are sharp. Find a tool box that can store and carry these items without getting damage. A light weight made of plastic tool chest is not a good option. The components used in building the storage item are also important. Plastic clasps or cheap hinges that hold the compartments and drawers can break to fast. For larger rolling tool cabinets, focus on the quality and the components used. Choose the one that is durable enough to hold all the heavy and sharp tools.

  • Materials Used in Manufacturing the Tool Chest
  • When choosing for the tool box or tool chest check the specifications first. Sometimes, toolboxes made of steel may rust fast once there is a scratch or dent on the outer layer. The plastic boxes may crack or split fast. Also, when exposed to cold weather, it becomes brittle
  • It is very important that the tool box you choose is made of high-quality material. But, it might cost you a bit. A low-cost tool box is cheaper because the manufacturer uses low-quality materials
  • Ease of Use

Sometimes your work requires you to move faster. Thus you need to choose a toolbox that is easy to access and use. Avoid tool chest with plastic latches. Once the latches break, you will need elastic bands and bungee cords to close it. Check the wheels and break if you are considering buying a rolling tool box. Choose the one that is reliable, easy and smooth to operate. Make sure that you choose the one that will not give you any problems.

  • Unique Features

A well-designed tool chest or box has a lock up compartments to keep the tools safe from thieving hands. Choose tool boxes with built-in sections so that you can separate the smaller box from the main kit. So you can carry the essential tools. The rolling tool boxes have the ability to clip and connect work lights to the unit. You can also interchange the sections to increase storage area. One can replace components without any difficulties in case some parts become worn.

Reviews of The Five Best Tool Chest for the Money 2022

* Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

The Craftsman 3 Drawer is a durable metal chest. It has the standard top handle design without wheels. You just pick it up and go. This is a tool box that will last longer. It has a robust metal construction. With a sturdy draw bolt fastening system to keep everything secure.

The cover hinges are strong enough to keep the cover and drawers open for easy access. The compartments close and lock right away when you fastened shut the lid. Its full-extension compound-action drawer has a smooth action. It slides open and closes again when the compartments are full with heavy tools. This tool box is for the professional tradesman.

If you need to bring your tools all the time, this is not recommended. The tool box is quite heavy to lug around. But, if you will only need it to be around your reach like in your car, this is a good choice.


  • Heavy duty structure
  • With three drawers with durable storage capabilities
  • Easy access, with its open and close sliding action drawers even when full of heavy tools
  • Best for professional tradesman that needs his tools all the time


  • The tool box itself is heavy
  • It does not have wheels for easy movement

2. Stanley Consumer Mobile Chest Storage 037025H 50 Gallon

This Stanley 4 in 1 Mobile Chest is one of the top choices when it comes to the portable tool box. It is the perfect storage if you need to bring your tools all the time. The professionals will benefit a lot from this tool. They can organize their tools the way they like it to be. Transporting from one to another is easy. This mobile chest is also recommended to home users.

This tool chest has a cantilever-style multilevel design. It has a top box, organizer, tray and a bottom bin intended for larger tools. You can remove the dividers and arrange it according to your need. Thru this you can access your hand tools, screwdrivers, and other items with ease.

The FatMax can serve as a portable work table. The top cover has a V-groove track. You can use it to secure pipe, lumber, and other materials. When in use, you can saw and cut on it. Portability is a defining factor here. For easy transportation, it has a well-built telescopic handle. With its wheels, you can maneuver it without any difficulties.

Users will not have any trouble opening and closing it. A simple pull-up motion opens the front latch for full access to the tools inside. If you are done, just push the large front latch to close it.


  • Tiered cantilever multi-level rolling system
  • You can access the four storage compartments at the same time
  • With telescopic handle for maneuvering around the working areaImpressive, easy latch system – to close everything just push itThe top part serves as a workstation for sawing and cutting
  • Huge front latch that locks the whole unit
  • Sturdy structural foam structure


  • Not suitable for tough working condition
  • The wheels are not all terrainIf the box is unattended, the lock holes and latches might open up
  • Requires bigger space and flat surface to open up

3. 16 Drawer Milwaukee Heavy-duty, 46 In Rolling Tool Chest

This Milwaukee heavy duty drawer has 16 drawers with 46-inch rolling steel tool chest. The tool storage is ideal for working professionals. It has lots of features that are appealing to the consumers. The top compartment is for your power tools.

It has 10.5 inches of height clearance which is a fantastic added feature. You will also find an integrated pegboard wall inside the top compartment. This is an amazing add-on and offers the consumer with convenient vertical storage. The entire structure can support up to 1800 pounds. With these industrial grade polypropylene casters, you can easily move it with ease around the working area.

This 46 inches rolling tool chest also has a reinforced angle-iron base feature. The drawers are sturdy and are made of high-quality material. They are sized differently for versatility and variation. The drawers have black anodized aluminum pulls and premium liners.

To make sure the drawer will not slam when closing, they use 100 pounds soft-close drawer slides. They slide smoothly back into place. The bottom right cabinet drawer has a removable power tool organizer. The cabinet side wall has a mount to let you fix your Milwaukee battery charger. For your other tools and materials, you can place it on the pullout work surface drawer during work.


  • 5 by 2 inches industrial grade, polypropylene casters
  • Added storage drawer for your valuables with separate lock in the tool chest
  • Power tool storage organizer
  • Pre-cut, premium solid drawer liners
  • Reinforced six gauge angle-iron trolley base chest and frame
  • Sturdy, welded steel constructionTap holes to mount your battery chargers
  • Rolling cabinet lock codes are different from the coordinating top chest lock codes
  • To secure your tools it has barrel key internal locking system
  • UL listed power bar on cabinet side wall and chest lid


  • No known drawback so far

4. DEWALT DWST08204 Extra Large Tough System Case

The Dewalt DWST08204 is a tool box that is designed to take any beating. It does not have multi-tiered system or wheels. This is a pick-up-and-go type of tool chest, with 110-pound weight capacity.

Sturdy, durable design that you can bring anywhere you go with your tools. It has tough system case features robust structural foam walls and an IP65 rated integrated water seal.

With this storage solution, you don’t have to worry if you need to work outside. Your tools are safe and protected. The fastening metal latches are rust resistant. For larger tools, it has a vertical storage inside. You will also find a removable tray intended to hold other items.

The unique feature of this tool chest is that you can build your storage as the number of your tools increase. You can attach Dewalt into a trolley by using adjustable brackets. As alternative, you can use side latches if you need to stack it with other ToughSystem units.


  • Very tough design – with sturdy 4mm thick structural foam box wall
  • For hand tools, it has inner vertical storage as well as removal tray
  • To protect the tools from water it has IP65 Integrated water seal
  • Side latches to stack other Tough
  • System unitsAnti-rust metal latches


  • Does not have any wheels
  • Cannot hold as many tools as what can other tool boxes can hold

5. Keter Tool Box New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer

The Keter tool box is an affordable portable sliding plastic tool box. It is ideal for home and tradesman tool chest solution. It has enough space to store hand tools and other items.

The inside has tool divider so you can organize your tools without any difficulties. The top part storage bins are used to contain your important tools. This part can be slid apart on ball-bearing sliders to display the main bin at the bottom.

The bigger bottom bin is for storing heavy duty, slightly used tools. This tool box has comfortable handles for efficient portability. The wheels are positioned where you can maneuver without any difficulties. It also has deep tread rubber tires for better traction. It also has a central locking mechanism to ensure security.


  • Central locking mechanism for security
  • Each compartment has sufficient storage space
  • For ease of rolling, it has extendable handleSliding ball-bearing trays to access the bottom quickly
  • Tool divider to organize your things


  • Since it is made from plastic, it is not as robust as other tool chests

Final Verdict

Among the top 5 best tool chest that we have reviewed, we find the 16 Drawer Milwaukee Heavy-duty, 46 In Rolling Tool Chest as our top choice. If we make a checklist of all the features of the above-mentioned products, there is no doubt Milwaukee will top the list. It is very durable, made of high-quality material and is portable and easy to use.

Our second best is the Stanley chest storage. The features are also impressive. The only advantage of Milwaukee is that it does not have any drawback so far. If you think this review is helpful to you, do not hesitate to share this with others. You can also leave any comments or feedback.

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