Best RV Sewer Hose Buyers Guide (Update 2022)

There are many mandatory tasks that need to be performed for the hygiene maintenance from storing your RV Sewer Hose to cleaning it, and many more process to add to that afterwards. Proper care should be taken of the sewer hose system so that it does not gets contaminated and therefore, not spread the waste in and around your RV. We present you with the Best RV Sewer Hose 2017 to help you with this right away.

Things To Consider When You Buy RV Sewer Hose 2022

These are the things that need to be done before you finally decide on which sewer drain system you are going to buy.

  • The Length

Sewer drain hose are available in different length and thickness and they are also available in different materials. Kits are of different sizes, they can in from 15 to 20 foot lengths and the extension hose too come in various lengths. Usually a 15 foot for RV is a good enough option, but there are some places which might need a longer one but this size usually does the trick.

  • Frequency of use

If you are an occasional user then go the standard sewer hose product. This one may be less durable than the heavy duty one, but it serves the purpose right. It all depends on the frequency of draining your black water tanks. If a person needs a RV on very rare occasions then buying a heavy duty RV may not be needed, instead a normal one may do. If one is always on a road trip then a heavy duty ones come in handy and will come of better use than the standard one.

Top 3 Best Rated Rv Sewer Hose Reviews 2021-2022

* Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Camco 39741 RhinoFLEX 20′ Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting Reviews

The Camco Rhino FLEX Sewer Hose is considered to be one of the toughest hose which one can opt for. This sewer hose length can be used as a 10’ kit or even as a 20’ kit, this is a very versatile product which includes an elbow and 4-n-1 adapter. The Rhino FLEX and the Swivel fittings prove out to be a super touch bayonet which includes a four prong which provides a very secure fit.


  • Hose Only
  • Sewer Hose Extension Kit

How This Sewer Hose Kit Benefits You?

  • The Rhino FLEX 20-Feet Kit (39741)

This kit is inclusive of two detachable bayonet style fitting, two detachable lug fittings, 1 detachable translucent elbow, one 4-in-1 adapter. It also includes a 2 polyolefin hose reinforced with steel wire, end caps and the locking rings. Hence, a complete package is present at your disposal; these are good quality products of great durability.

The hose is very stiff, it is quite easy to carry around and more easy to slide it under jumper. All the sets and the fittings come with the package itself; including the end caps. All these features come at a very fantastic price and there are no complaints about draining of the tanks even.

  • Toughness and Flexibility

The Rhino FLEX has proved its worth by displaying great bending capacity and not getting too distorted thus speaks of its flexibility. You do not need to worry about the amount of pressure it upholds, it is manufactured for this very purpose and will deliver excellent performance against roughness and use.

The Bayonet style swivel fittings

The fitting swivels which are provided are present for providing easy fitting connections. This is done with the help of the 4-prong bayonets which securely attaches it to any standard lug. There will be no further issues regarding the fitting once the connection has been made. The Bayonet style swivel fittings are very much reliable and guarantee the customers a quality product.


  • It fits properly in a 4“ bumper
  • Fitting the connections are very easy


  • Leakage of the hose often noticed

2. Camco 39625 20′ Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit Reviews

This is a very good Swivel sewer hose kit which comprises of all your requirements. This product is very reliable with a heavy duty sewer hose present with a swivel lug and bayonet fitting from before with 4 storage caps present. All the assemblies extend up to a 20-foot from your RV to the dump station. The price of the product is great; it works great and works well for a very long time without any leaking problems.

How The Sewer Hose Benefits You?

This product has a revolutionary 20-foot RV Sewer Hose kit with amazing swivel fittings and a kit which is inclusive of all the requirements. There is a two 10-foot assemblies and the material of the hose is heavy duty HTS vinyl. The kit features a lug fitting and bayonet fitting which have four prongs and a fitting which is very much secure. A translucent elbow is present which gets detached quite easily. A 4-in-1 adapter is used for connecting a 3-inch slip, 3-1/2-inch and 4-inch NPT threaded sewer connection

Hose Is Long Lasting

The 2 lengths of the host make it really easy to adjust the length. The hose works great and it can be easily elongated and shortened. The hose fits the standard on the RV’s. It is a good product and no one has regretted availing this great buy. The hose is quite sturdy and can stand durable for a very long time. This can function well with no punctures for over a year. It is long enough to reach from the sewer outlet to any RV park sewer.

360 Degree Swivel Fitting

A swivel bayonet swivel hose elbow fitting with a removable 4-in-1 adapter allows good storage. These provide very easy connection as they can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees very easily and thus ensure a smooth connection. If ever the need to replace the hose arises, then a new hose can be used with an addition of a clamp.


  • Threaded opening present always fixes perfectly to the adapter
  • The end caps present seal the hose and prevents leaking
  • Two lengths of hose are given for making adjustments


  • It may not fit into your bumper due to the presence of connectors on each end

A Comparison Between Camco 39625 20′ and Camco 39741 RhinoFLEX 20′ Products:

Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose has a very compact storage, but the Camco Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit allows storage in 4” square bumpers. Each 10’ section compresses, making a 2’ for easy storage. End cap prevents water from dripping for Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose whereas 4 storage caps are present to ensure no dripping for Camco Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit. Secure connection provided by a four-prong bayonet style fitting for both the systems.

A Translucent elbow present which lets you see if the tank feature is present for both the products. Hose of Camco RhinoFLEX Hose is durable and enforced with steel wire but for Camco Revolution Hose Kit the hose is for heavy duty purpose and made of HTS vinyl. The fittings can be detached and used on new hoses; this is common for both the products.Both of the products have a 4-in-1 adapter. Fitting swivels are just easy to use for Camco RhinoFLEX Hose and a 360 degree swiveling fittings for easy connection is present in Camco Revolution Hose Kit. Both are measured to be a 20 foot kit. Prices are reasonable for both the products.

3. Valterra D04-0450 Viper 15′ Sewer Hose Kit Reviews

This product can resist punctures and abrasion with efficiency and does not let UV and chemicals to enter into the surface. Flexibility is intact up to a temperature of -30 degree Fahrenheit. The fittings which come with this motorhome sewer hose are attached from before . This provides a 90 degree universal fitting that makes a good gas-tight connection with 6 sewer connection. Valterra is even collapsible for a 72” for storage.

How the sewer hose benefits you?

  • Flexibility:

The Valterra Viper is one of a kind among the different hoses which are available in the market. The hose is flexible as it is wrapped in vinyl to a very good extent, it is super-soft and quite smooth to use. It provides great ease at deploying and storing too. The fittings are secure and can be operated easily. They are assured to be leak free as the vinyl material is quite thick. The material of the hose is strong and promises to be very long lasting. For the ones who go on a weekend trip and are vacationer this RV’s offers a heavy duty 15 mil sewer drain hose which is brown in color.

  • Collapsible:

The product has a commendable durability; despite being lightweight it is highly collapsible. Customers have reviewed to love this product, and it has been greatly received because it is quite well built. It is far better than the other cheap products which are miles away from displaying such features. It has been through all kind of pressure test and has emerged as a clear winner.

  • Connectivity and reliability:

The connectors of this hose are permanently attached; therefore there are no issues or struggle with the different pieces of fitting while the connections are to be established. There is a removable threaded sewer connector in the end which is removable. It is a reliable piece of product which has shown no leak in spite of being exposed to great deal of pressure. It is a great product which can survive a temperature below that of 20 even.


  • It is a long lasting product
  • It is nearly indestructibly strong
  • Very durable product.


  • It cannot be kept in a straight line, it bends

A Comparison Between Camco 39625 20′ Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit and Valterra D04-0450 Viper 15′ Sewer Hose Kit

Camco Kit allows storage in 4” square bumpers. Each 10’ section compresses, making a 2’ for easy storage whereas Valterra is collapsible for a 72” for storage.

The fittings can be detached and used on new hose for Camco Revolution Kit For the Valterra Viper Kit the fittings are attached from before . This provides a 90 degree universal fitting that makes a good gas-tight connection with 6 sewer connection.Camco Revolution Hose Kit is a 20 foot kit but Valterra Viper Hose Kit is a 15 foot kit. Price of both the products is reasonable.

A Comparison Between Valterra D04-0450 Viper 15′ Sewer Hose Kit and Camco Rhinoflex Hose

Valterra is collapsible for a 72” for storage whereas a Camco Hose has compact storage.Valterra Sewer Hose Kit the fittings are attached from before .

This provides a 90 degree universal fitting that makes a good gas-tight connection with 6 sewer connection but for Camco Sewer Hose the fittings are detachable. For Valterra Sewer Hose Kit the length is 20 foot but for Camco RhinoFLEX it is a 15 foot kit.Price of both the products is reasonable.

Reviews of the Best Rv Sewer Hose Support 2022

Camco 43051 20′ Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support

The Camco Sidewinder plastic sewer hose support is the best one available in the market now and it is made up of a sturdy and quite lightweight plastic.

It also provides this convenience to customers to carry it around to wherever they travel. As the Sidewinder is closed to provide an easy storage, there is no need to use straps. The deep cradles also hold the sewer in place and prevent then from moving about.

Temperature resistance

Extreme temperatures do not pose any problem to the hose. The holder gives great ease to move it about from place to place and it is helpful when one needs to keep it in storage too. The carry handle works even as a retainer and fits nicely in a compact place.

  • The length:

It is a must-have product for all the people who go on outing and camping trips as there is no trouble of storage and it easily folds back into a compact form. Its length is also quite commendable; it is nearly closer to 30 feet. It is very efficient and works great for a short distance too.

  • Good flow:

The Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support works magnificently well and is a must require on RV sites when the subtle need to manage the waste system arises. Flow is not disrupted even on uneven campsites and it can be easily used anywhere, it is a very handy product for anyone who is looking for a reliable buy.

  • Easy to setup:

It is easy to setup for small as well as long distance. The sewer hose support exactly as expected and advertised. This efficient product is going to save the hose from being damaged and supports the hose in any location, wherever you may want to take it. The hose drain always keeps it in one place and it is the simplest disposal system.


  • Can bear up extremes of temperature
  • The product functions as advertised


  • Not a very sturdy product

Top 3 Bestseller of Sewer Hose Support

Video: HOW TO CONNECT YOUR TRAVEL TRAILER or RV to Campsitle Hook-UPS (2 OF 2)

Tips & Tricks Buying Guide Rv Sewer Hose 2022

It may so happen that sometimes you are out for camping and you may not find a suitable adapter for the campground sewer outlet. One of the reasons for this is you may not have the correct sewer hose kit with you.

  • Easy hose connector

All the sewer drain outlets are available in various sizes as some are of 3 inches where as other are of 4 inches. The variation may also come in accordance with a smooth pipe connection or may come as a threaded pipe. Always buy sewers hose connection that makes the connection of the sewer hose easier. It does not matter if it is a 3 inch or a 4 inch pipe or even if it threaded or non-threaded, these kind of adapter fits in all.

  • Drip caps

Drips caps for the hose are a very important requirement as when you are done with the hose; you would want it to be packed and not to leak for sure. Thus, these may come handy as these come in a standard three-inch bayonet fitting. Therefore, be careful if your motorhome sewer system consists of this or not. This also helps to save space and keeps the area where you are going to keep it clean.


You may come across places which are RV friendly, whereas there may be some which are not, therefore an extra few feet of sewer and water hose may not hurt but instead make your work much easier. Therefore, go and get yours soon!
Hopefully our guide on the Best RV Sewer Hose Buyers Guide 2017 has helped you with your queries. Do write to us and let us know how helpful was our take on the RV Sewer Hoses.

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