20+ Best RV Accessories Must Have – Everything You Need to Know (Update 2022)

The best way to enjoy your camping activities is to make sure that you have brought everything you need. With the camping season just around the corner, you need to prepare your stuff. To help you out in preparing things, we are sharing our comprehensive list of RV accessories that can make your life easier, reduce the amount of gear you carry and help you save power.

Some of the items on the list, like antennas (read the Best Outdoor Items article), are high-tech stuff that you might already own. Some items are included to make your camping experience more fun and enjoyable. Here are our top 20 best RV accessories must have.

Comprehensive List of Best RV Accessories Must Have

Let’s get started!

A. RV Essentials for Comfort

1. Sheets for RV Mattresses

For full-time RVers, RV is their home. So they make sure that their bed is as comfortable as any residential bed. For them they are not just camping, they are living in their home. Aside from having a comfortable mattress, you also need to have sheets for your beds pack in your RV. Since the size of the RV mattresses is different from the bed at your home, you need to buy sheets designed specifically for them.

Before you shop for bed sheets for your RV mattress, pay attention to a couple of things:

  • The size of your RV mattress
  • The thickness of your RV bed
  • The motif of your RV interior

Make sure that the bedding supplies you purchase are comfortable and durable, but priced reasonably. Buying the most expensive set of sheets is not a good idea. Keep in mind that if you go on camping, you might be a little dirty and may smell awful when you go to bed. Here are some sheets for the beds that we recommend:

2. Hamper – Keeping Your Dirty Clothes in Place

One of our major problems during our 5-day travel in our camper last year is keeping the laundry in place. Kids would just throw their dirty clothes here there and everywhere. To solve this, we bought a laundry hamper, tall and narrow enough so kids can just toss their dirty clothes on it.

You can choose hampers with a lid or divided into sections for easy sorting. Both types of hamper are recommended. Your decision will depend on your preferences and needs. There are things that you need to consider when choosing the laundry hamper.

  • Size and shape. This depends on where you will place the basket. For RVers choose the one that you can easily place underneath the sink or you can hang somewhere.
  • Material. Basic laundry hampers are usually heavy-duty plastic. Rolling or folding units are usually cloth on a metal frame. The most attractive choice is the woven basket.
  • Portability. A folding hamper or a hamper with a removable laundry bag fits the RVers.
  • Sorters. Laundry hampers with sorter can help cut down your laundry time. There is no need for you to sort the clothes. All you need to do is to load them in the washing machine.

Here are some of the best laundry hampers as recommended by the businessinsider.com.

3. Bicycles

If you are a full-time RVer, getting enough exercise is not easy. Gym membership fee is not practical and exercise equipment will not fit in your RV. Getting a folding bicycle will not just help you to exercise you can also explore the town without spending a lot on transportation. You can easily go to the store and buy other things you need as you travel. Visiting someone in the area is not a problem at all, simply unfold the bike and you are ready to go. With your folding bike, you can easily ask for help in case of emergency.

Most of the folding bikes are “one size fits all,” which means you can share it with the other members of the family. In buying consider its adjustability feature. Other bikes can be adjusted by a simple quick release of the lever, which makes it easy to swap among riders.

Due to the increased demand for folding bikes, the price is more affordable now as compared in the past. It also is becoming more advanced than before. Here are top brands of a bicycle that you can consider. Storing these bikes is easy, just fold it and slip it inside the cabinet or under your bed.

B. Toilet RV Essentials

4. Sewer Hose

To remove the gray and black water systems from your RV bathroom or sink, you need a sewer hose. One end of the hose is being hooked into the rig and the other end is screwed into the ground. Make sure that you screw it firmly into the ground pipe if not it will release a foul odor.

There are things you need to consider before buying a sewer hose. Some of which are as follows:

  • The length. Sewer hose is available in different length and thickness. The 15-foot hose is enough. However, there are places that require longer.
  • The Frequency of Use. You can use the standard sewer hose if you are an occasional user but it is less durable. For full-time RVers, a heavy duty sewer hose is what you need.

Here are some of the popular brands that you can choose from. You can read the Best RV Sewer Hose Buyers Guide for the full review of the products.

5. Water Pressure Regulator

The main function of a water pressure regulator is to reduce the water pressure from the main water line to the RV. It brings the pressure into a safe level before the water reaches the faucets. It is important to keep the water pressure under control as too much pressure can cause many plumbing problems.

It is considered as one of the Kitchen and Bathroom essentials since the city water pressure varies from place to place. This will prevent damage to any components, seals, and connections in your fresh water system. Full-time RVers recommend regulators that can control pressure to 50 psi maximum.

Now you know that you need a regulator to control water pressure, your next question would be which water pressure regulator to choose. There are different models available to RVers, they differ on the pressure and flow rate. If too much pressure can destroy your RVs plumbing, a flow rate which is too low can provide poor shower experience.

6. Water Tank Filler Valve

The function of the water tank filler valve is similar to the one that you see on your toilet water tank which is known as the ballcock. The valve stops the water from overflowing and from backflowing. It is connected to a hollowed sealed float via a lever, mounted at the top of the tank.

The ball-shaped that you see is known as the float. The water tank filler is connected to the incoming water supply and is opened and closed by the lever. Once the water level rises, it rises to a pre-set level and then forces the lever to close the valve and shut-off the flow of water.

There are only a number of brands for you to choose. In choosing, focus on how tall your tank is so you will not get a water tank filler valve that is too tall or too short for your tank. To make sure that you will get the right filler valve, bring the old valve with you when you buy. You can also order it online. Here are some brands that you can consider.

7. Toilet Paper for RV Septic System

Choosing a composite toilet is not as simple as you think. Aside from the budget, there are other things that you need to consider like the quality of the product. You also need to choose the one that will give you comfort. If you choose the right one, you will be able to have one that can fit all your needs. Keep in mind, not because the label says that it is the best one, it is the best. It is part of their marketing strategy to sell their products. You need to be a smart consumer.

Many people are wondering if it is really a must to have a toilet paper in your RV. For full-time RVers, it is just like living in a traditional house. Thus, toilet paper is essential for your bathroom. However, you need to choose an RV-friendly toilet paper that disintegrates quickly to prevent clogging up your sewage system.

C. Safety RV Essentials

8. Corner Guards

One of the small details that you should not overlook is keeping the corners protected with corner guards. This is very important especially for those who are living on RV with their kids. You might be wondering why you need one in your RV. Tables, walls and other furniture may have pointed and sharp objects.

There is a tendency that you caught up with accidental bumping into corners. As you travel, your RV might get into a rough road that might cause you to get outbalanced and hit objects. If the edges or corners are not protected you might get injured.

9. Fire Extinguisher

We have been traveling with our camper lots of time and we are aware that accidents do happen. One of the important safety essentials that we have is a fire extinguisher. In one of our travel, we personally witnessed a burning RV and it is not a good sight to see. Because of this incident, we make sure that our fire extinguisher is working. You never know when an accident strikes so it is better to be safe than sorry.

There are various types of fire extinguishers. The first is the dry chemical which is a popular choice for the interior of your rig. Make sure that this extinguisher is easy to reach. It sprays a fine power over the fire with pressurized nitrogen. It is used to put out electrical fires, and kitchen fires, but keep in mind these chemicals are harmful.

The carbon dioxide or CO2 extinguisher will help put off various kinds of fire. This type of extinguisher produces a high-pressure frost or dry ice. Make sure that you check your unit every six months. Check out for pressure leaks as it may require servicing. Here are some of the best fire extinguishers that you can consider buying.

10. Portable Dehumidifier

Since your RV is exposed to the outdoor environment it is prone to humidity. The humidity inside the RV is affected by different factors like temperature changes, cooking, and washing. This can damage the body of the RV, as damp air sticks on the walls and can result in serious damage, which extends to the entire RV.

You need to provide proper care and attention to your RV as you invest a lot on it. In order to maintain the exterior and interior of your RV, you need to maintain its moisture level. The dehumidifier can help you on this. The equipment regulates the moisture level thus prevent the formation of mold or mildew, which normally accumulate on the wall of an RV and destroy the structure.

The dehumidifier absorbs the humidity in the room without affecting the temperature. This, in turn, produces dryness in the atmosphere, which is vital for the safety of structure of your RV. Optimum moisture levels are likewise vital to ensure good health and keep the harmful airborne and insect-like creatures away.

11. Gooseneck Hitch

You will find the gooseneck hitch under the bed of your RV box, and it makes use of a ball and coupler for its vehicle-to-trailer connection. The hitches are available in different styles. Some have a fixed ball while others have welded solid to its mounting plate, and others are detachable so you can use different size balls in case you have trailers with differently sized couplers.

A folding model is a type of hitch that allows the ball to fold down into the truck bed so it won’t take up a lot of spaces in your box. There are certain states that do not allow passengers to ride in a trailer towed by gooseneck hitch. This type of hitch is used often for toy haulers and horse trailers.

The first thing you need to consider in choosing a gooseneck hitch is the truck’s towing capacity. You also should consider your trailer and the type of coupler it has, whether it has a tongue-mounted coupler, a king pin arm, and box or a gooseneck coupler.

12. First Aid Kit

Cuts, burns, and allergies are common. Sometimes even if we are very careful with our actions we still get injured. It’s because of this why it is important for you to have a first aid kit ready. You can either build your own first aid kit or you may purchase the one pre-packed for you. But make sure that it contains everything you need on it. In building or choosing the first aid kit, you need to consider the activity you plan on doing and the climate. Choose also a kit with waterproof first aid bag.

All first aid kits contain the basic remedy for pain, cuts, allergy, burns and other emergency tools like antiseptic cream, antihistamine tablet, gauze, first aid tape, scissors, burn ointment, eye wash, analgesic, gloves, plasters, band-aids, anesthetic spray, flashlight, and whistle.

If you are taking regular medication that has been prescribed to you can include that in your first aid kit.

D. Electronic RV Gadgets Essentials

13. Cell Signal Booster

Driving through a dead zone is very stressful particularly if you need to make an important call. This is where cell phone signal booster enters the picture. This is not cheap but it is worth it and can actually save a life.

The best mobile signal boosters are powerful enough to boost signal for the entire RV, but small enough to fit a regular car. However, the FCC to register your boosting device with your wireless provider since it occupies federally-controlled broadcast space. You can also talk to a rep from your service provider to make sure that the booster will work for you on your regular routes.

Here are two of the recommended cell signal boosters that you can consider.

14. Wifi Booster

Getting a decent Wi-Fi signal can be a challenge since the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission board requires Wi-Fi signals to be transmitted at low power. Normally, the Wi-Fi signal can travel 300 feet line of sight outdoors if you are using 802.11b or 802.11g using stock antenna connected to your laptop. If your computer uses 802.11n to connect thru Wi-Fi then your range can be doubled.

There are some hindrances on getting Wi-Fi signals like buildings, trees, walls and others. And since your RV is made of metal, getting signals are much harder as compared when you are at home. Sometimes even if the RV has a lot of Wi-Fi repeaters, you still have a hard time getting enough signals. To solve your problems with signals here are two of the best signal booster that you can consider for your RV.

15. Solar Charger

In a camper, water and electricity are vital. If you plan to convert your RV into solar power, you will need to boost its autonomy. If you are a full-time RVers or will camp out for a week, you need to find a way to recharge your batteries and the best solution is the solar panel. Keep in mind that they are expensive and fragile. A branch of the tree can break it easily. You also need to park in the sun to collect enough energy from the sun. You can increase the number of panels if you want to boost the autonomy.

List down the electrical device you need and their wattage like all chargers, dryer, light, A/C, TV, microwave, washer and others. Do not forget to indicate if they are AC or DC/. List down also how long you use each gadget and multiply the hours used by the wattage to get your total usage. Through this, you will be able to determine your total power usage on all the gadgets. Then decide if you want to run the items from solar system to charge a battery bank first then use the power. Those gadgets and appliances labeled as AC will require an inverter to use the DC power directly from the batteries.

16. Bluetooth Speaker

If your RV is not equipped with external speakers, you need a solution for this. Finding the best Bluetooth speaker is the solution. Make sure that you choose the one that is durable enough to withstand the weather and bad elements. There are lots of Bluetooth speakers available in the market and finding the right one is not easy at all. Reading reviews about the different brands of Bluetooth speaker can help you in finding the best product. Since these speakers are battery operated, you can place them anywhere.

There are things that you need to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker one of them is the sound. The Bluetooth range is around 30 feet or less. If you go further than that you will lose signal between the devices. Another factor to consider is the battery life some speakers only last for 5 hours others are longer. Below are two of the best Bluetooth Speakers that you can consider.

17. Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

RV drivers experience the dreaded CEL or Check Engine Light during their travels in some point of their life. DTC or Diagnostic Trouble Codes are designed to alert the driver about the problem, usually before a disastrous vehicle failure. These scanners and code readers can help you understand what causes the failure in your RV. You may experience a problem like a loose gas cap which resulted in vacuum leak in the fuel system.

Some of the things you need to consider before buying a Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner are as follows:

  • Can detect any system problem
  • Data storage
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Printable data
  • Can display live data
  • Inspection and maintenance readiness

Read the full review of the Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Reviews to help you find the right brand for your RV.

18. Garmin GPS/Nuvi

Using GPS navigation technology makes traveling and finding locations much easier for car and truck owners. But for RV’ers it is a different story because of the many RV specific factors. If you use a traditional GPS for your RV, you might not get accurate direction.

Because of this, there are lots of GPS companies that are creating GPS intended for RV. The features and accuracy vary, but one thing is for sure, the people who make RV GPS units make sure that they are on the right track.

Garmin is the popular brand when it comes to GPS devices and the Nuvi is specifically designed for any type of vehicle including RV. However, choosing the best Garmin Nuvi (GPS) is not easy at all. Some of the features include:

  • Map
  • Screen size
  • Voice command
  • Powered mount
  • Traffic congestion

To learn more about Garmin Nuvi and find out which is the best Nuvi, read the Best Garmin Nuvi/GPS Reviews - Buying Guide Helpful.

19. Wireless Backup Camera

Maneuvering along a narrow path or on a busy street is not easy at all. You need something that can help you during reverse driving. A rear-view and RV backup camera can help you in this kind of situation. The recently manufactured automobile is equipped with RV backup camera, but the old models do not have this vital component. You can easily maneuver in reverse, and not back into any obstacles that could be in the blind spot, with the help of the RV backup camera.

The RV backup camera has improved safety not just on your driveway, but also when you are driving on a highway. There are several RV backup cameras available in the market today. You can choose from the one that is wired to a reversing light, which is very helpful when reversing. Other backup cameras are wired to a constant power source. This one can help you both in reversing and when driving on the highway, thus keeping you safe in both situations.

20. TV Antenna

For full-time RVers, this is one essential that they will never forget. You will not be able to watch your favorite TV shows without an outdoor TV antenna. There are things you need to keep in mind before you drive down the road. One is that you need to lower the antenna before driving down the road. Since it is made of aluminum and plastic it may snap easily, thus if you leave it up while driving and hit the tree, you might need to buy a replacement very soon.

The good thing is that there are outdoor RV TV antennas now with a sleek, aerodynamic design that do not require to be raised or lowered. Choose an HD outdoor antenna if you want to receive HD channels. If you want to boost your signals, you can add a TV booster antenna.

These are the must have RV accessories to make your road trip more comfortable and fun. By being prepared with these items, you can avoid any stressful situations and enjoy your time on the open road.


Hope this comprehensive RV accessories list was able to help you complete your needed essentials for your RV. Some of the items which you might already have were not mentioned in the list, such as kitchen utensils and cooking tools, ATV, RV cover and other miscellaneous must have RV gadgets. If you find this post helpful, you can comment below and share this with others.

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