Best Locking Lug Nuts: How To buy The Best Products for Your Car Wheels?

There are times when we may find ourselves living in neighborhoods that are not that safe. You find yourself packing your car outside, but you are ever worried about losing your tires. Who even has the time to always keep an eye on their cars every time anyway?

Are you going to lose sleep because you fear to lose your tires to thugs? For how long will you do this? The best locking lug nuts are what you need to secure your wheels. You will never wake up to the inconvenience of having lost them overnight.

Do you feel like it is time you forgot about buying new wheels and rims now and then? This article is meant for you, read along.

How Do You Use The Locking Lug Nuts?

They are also known as wheel nuts. They are seemingly small components that can be ignored by many, but their importance can never be underestimated. The lug nuts are designed to ensure your wheels are firmly attached to your car at any given time.

Apart from protection against theft of the wheels, the lug nuts are also known to prevent accidents that might be caused by wobbling and eventual falling off of the wheels when driving. You would not wish to get involved in an accident that could have been avoided by simply installing the lug nuts.

Factors to Be Considered Before Buying The Best Locking Lug Nuts

It is a common practice to look for the best products among a variety of the available types. The choice you make can either meet your needs or fail you terribly. To help you make the right choice in the first attempt, we are going to look at some of the features you can always look out for.

They are as below:

1. Pitch and Thread Size of The Wheel Nut

The pitch and size of the wheel nut can be known by measuring using the thread pitch gauge. This tool can always be found in any local hardware so you should not worry much about it. Another way which can be of help though not accurate is having your lug nut physically screwed unto the available bolts in the hardware.

Remember that you need to have a perfectly fitting lug nut. Otherwise, you will still be at the risk of losing your wheels, and worst still getting involved in an accident. Any slight oversight in size will be a disaster in waiting. The outer diameter of the wheel’s stud gives the exact thread size.

Most wheel studs have sizes of 14, 12 and 10mm. The easiest way to find your match is by using the online guide or the car’s manual from where you can find factory sizes which suit your needs. The size and pitch measurements are always in millimeters.

If you come across something like 14x1.5, it simply means that the wheel nut has a thread size of 14mm and a pitch size of 1.5mm. Take note of this.


2. Wheel Nut Seat Type

In any car, there is always that lug nut that makes contact with the surface of the wheel. It is this area that is known as seat type in the field of automotive. Looks confusing, right? Anyway, there are different types of seat. Most of them being mag seats, acorn/tapered seats and ball seats.

Every car has its seat done uniquely. The lug nut you want to be installed should fit on the seat type. The acorn/tapered seat, for example, are known by their 60-90 degree taper at the bottom end of the nut.

The angle of that hole drilled into the wheel should always match the one on the lug nut’s bottom. This perfect match is the only assured way to have the locking lug nuts performing effectively. Most of the acorn seat types are stock fixtures for aftermarket wheels for most American and Japanese vehicles.

Second in this category is the mag seat type. The cone-topped lug nuts are what will match with the mag seat. These lug nuts are also known for their straight shanks which extend to the bottom side of the very nut.

The mag nuts are always fitted with a washer for proper security of the wheel. Shank length is always about 6.35 millimeters which is needed in ensuring the wheel studs are aligned to the wheel’s center. The mag seat nuts can either be close-ended or open-ended.

Lastly is the ball seat type. The ball seat nuts are round-shaped close to the rims. Most imported cars have this feature. The ball seat nuts are not as common as the other two above. Whichever of the three you choose as per your car’s needs, make sure that they are properly finished with the appearance that brings out the best out of your ride.

Best Locking Lug Nuts: How To buy The Best Products for Your Car Wheels?

3. Material of The Lug Nut

The material used to manufacture the locking lug nuts is also a very important factor to consider. Why? Materials are known to contribute a lot when it comes to matters strength and durability. Who will even think of buying products that are not strong and cannot last?

When it comes to matters do with your most valued rides, the strongest materials are what you need. You cannot risk your life with anything that will fail you just days after installation. Lug nuts made from steel and its alloys are known to be sturdy.

There are other treatments that can be included to improve on the look of the lug. The highly polished types that are free from corrosion are the best. Don’t you look forward to an accessory that will be looking nice on your car? Most people tend to ignore this and end up wasting their money. Do not join this list. 

4. Cost of The Lug Nuts

The price of the locking lug nuts cannot go unmentioned. Remember it is the pocket that speaks here. The deeper your pocket is, the more expensive type you can look for. It is common knowledge that the more costly a product is, the more efficient they are likely to be.

The price might also depend on the number of lug nuts contained in the kit. Some kits have just four nuts; each meant for every wheel while there are those that come in numbers of up to 32 pieces from which you can choose from.

Of course the higher the number of lug nuts, the more costly it is likely to be. The good thing is that you can share the remaining pieces with your friends and relatives if at all there are pieces that match their rides.

But as I said earlier on, it is the money that has the final word here. Choose what lies within your financial status as at that time.

A Review of The Best Locking Lug Nuts Available in The Market 2022


Enhance the security of your wheels by using these closed-end locks from DP-Accessories. These one-piece locks are solid and are precisely crafted with machined threads to make sure that they perfectly fit into the studs of your vehicle’s wheels. Long-lasting car parts are every person’s dream. That is why they have been made from heat-treated and cold-forged steel for strength and durability.

Enhancements in the form of triple chrome plating that includes layers of chrome, copper and nickel provide additional strength, corrosion resistance and beauty. The products have been taken through a lengthy process of quality control to make sure that the end product is of the best quality with topnotch theft protection.


Every pack of these lug nuts comes with different patterns of key-to-lock. This increases the security of your wheels. You cannot use a previously bought key with other sets to open another one. The best you can do is to contact the customer care representatives for replacement in case of loss. This product weighs 10.6 ounces hence perfect to be used in making all your wheels theft proof.

Top features

  • Package includes four chrome tire locks and one matching key
  • Fits on wheel studs of ½’’-20 thread
  • The wheel must take a 60-degree conical seat of either 13/16’’ or ¾’’ hex
  • The design is closed-end bulge acorn
  • Are 1.39 inches long and 0.87 inches wide
  • Has a weight of 10.6 ounces
  • A single locking nut for every wheel


  • Easy and quick replacement
  • Inexpensive
  • High quality
  • Nice appearance when mounted
  • More security offered by the unlock key


  • Paint comes off after some time
  • Can be removed by vice-grip pliers if torque and positioning is done right


The Ares lug nut is made from heat-treated and drop-forged chrome molybdenum steel. Such treatment is made to ensure that the lug nut is strong and by extension long-lasting. It is a product that has a nice look that can be noticed even at far off distances.

The nice look is attributed to the electro-phosphate result that has been combined with the laser-etched size labeling. A wide variety of tools can be used with these lugs. The tools include and are not limited to an impact wrench, breaker bar, and torque wrench. Check out Garage Chief for details.

These lugs are very essential when you have to deal with brake jobs, tire changes plus any other car activity that involve tire removal. If you come across a size that is not fitting, please keep it as it will automatically find its match. That can be so helpful to a friend or family member.


Ares lug nuts are known to be of high quality, and that is the main reason as to why they are backed by performance assurance. Any issues with your socket set should be reported to the customer service for a replacement, troubleshooting help, refund and even parts. 

Any purchase of the Ares lug nuts goes a long way in supporting pets under the umbrella of ASPCA Business Ambassador. The product weighs 1.9 pounds which makes these nuts suitable to be used in a variety of cars. 

Top features

  • The finish is electro-phosphate one
  • Have thin walls
  • Has a labeling that is laser-etched size
  • Made of heat-treated and drop-forged chrome molybdenum steel
  • Backed by performance assurance
  • The set has lugs which are 17mm, 21mm, 19mm, 7/8’’, 13/16’’ and ¾’’ in sizes
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds


  • Secure fitting
  • Easy identification of the sizes
  • Versatile
  • Compact and well-made case
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Good quality 


  • Wall size is big
  • Limited socket depth might damage lug nuts

HanAuto Lug Nuts are the closed end and acorn bulge locking lug nuts. The finished product has a black coating due to the proprietary cathodic material. Its head has a mirror finish as a result of the high-quality processing.

The HanAuto lug nuts are designed to match the size of the thread of your vehicle and not even factory wheels. This product has dimensions of 7.8 by 7.9 by 2.3 inches. These nuts come in 24 pieces that will make sure that you can even lend some to your friends and relatives.

In case you misplace the keys, these lock nuts come with two keys that will minimize your worries. What’s more, the process of installing these lug nuts is easy and very simple so that anyone even those will fewer skills and experience can do it.


Top features

  • Are closed-end with acorn bulge
  • Fits on wheels that take a 60-degree conical seat
  • Has a mirror finish on its head
  • It fits on an M14x1.5 thread with a height of 2 inches
  • Has a black proprietary cathodic coating
  • The item weight is 4.5 pounds
  • Comes in 24 pieces
  • Available with two keys
  • Non-fitting to factory wheels


  • Well packaging
  • Well-fitting
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight


  • Out of the 24 pieces, most will end up unused
  • Do not fit on factory wheels


AccuWheel LNL-12000C36 is another good addition you can make to help secure your wheels. These lug nuts are ultra-thin which is ideal for lug holes which have small diameters as is common with custom wheels. The lug nuts are either open end or closed end in design.

 These lug nuts are known for their stud engagement which is an extended one together with the large seating surface. To ensure that your wheel is protected from any scratching, the adapter has been designed in such a way that its walls are thin. These nuts have been designed to fit in a variety of vehicles.

These lug nuts cannot fit on wheels whose seating type is Mag Shank or those with the ball (radius) shape seating. They come in sets of four and are chrome plated with black finish on the key to protect against corrosion and rust. You need a matching key to remove the lugs which make the wheels more secure.


Top features

  • The kit includes four chrome lug nuts and one lock key for the wheel
  • Fitted with an external unique security system that requires a matching key to facilitate its removal
  • They are chrome plated with black finish to protect against corrosion and rust
  • Fit on ½’’-20 Dual Hex which is 13/16’’ and ¾’’ in size
  • The wheel nut that is compatible with the lug nuts are the 60-degree conical seat
  • Are 1.42 inches high and 0.88 inches wide
  • Has a weight of 8 ounces


  • Guaranteed safety
  • Relatively affordable
  • Perfectly fitting
  • Nice appearance
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Inside thread depth not provided
  • Sold in sets of four pieces which can be insufficient at times


KSP Performance lug nuts are made from high-quality material, which is SCM 437 steel that has been cold forged. OEM standards are therefore met and at times exceeded which is what a perfect locking lug nut should be like. A set contains 32 pieces of the lug nuts.

It is recommended that you engage a professional installer when putting the lugs up on your wheel for purposes of securing them. The one-year warranty that the lug nuts are accompanied with is only applicable in circumstances where they have been professionally handled.

Secure fitting of the lug nuts is ensured by the cone seat that has a tapering angle of 60 degrees. The mirror-like finish stands up to elements and remains shiny and bright when properly maintained. These locking lug nuts will make sure that your wheels are always protected against theft.


Top features

  • Made of steel which is the SCM 437 which has been cold forged
  • Has a thread pitch of 14x1.5 with a seat that is taper bulge
  • Compatible with 7/8 and 13/16 hex sizes
  • Has heights of 2 inches and widths of 0.91 inches
  • The set contains 32 pieces of lug nuts with a lock key which is 1x7
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds


  • High-quality material
  • Shiny and nice appearance
  • Securely fitting
  • One-year warranty
  • 32 pieces of this product
  • Affordable


  • Only one unlock is provided for the 32 pieces of the lug nuts
  • A professional installer is needed when fitting


The security of your car’s accessories means that you will avoid so many inconveniences that are always associated with loss of wheels. Prevention of accidents that might result from wobbling and eventual falling off of tires is very important. There are affordable kits that can help you in this area.

HanAuto 75114K242 Lug Nuts have been crowned the overall prize for being the best locking lug nuts. They are sold in packs of 24 pieces which is a good number for any car owner. They are also accompanied by two security keys which make them more convenient in case one is lost. 

These are the lug nuts I have been using for the past two years, and I haven’t experienced any kind of theft or accident. Why should you have to worry about losing your wheels to thieves by the way? Get it off your head by purchasing and quickly installing these lug nuts.

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