5 of The Best Foam Cannon to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean (Update 2022)

For a car enthusiast, you should never miss the chance to give your car a thorough regular wash. It gives you extreme pleasure as you clean the car and have a ride in a sparkling car that you are proud of. Giving your car a regular scrub does not only give it incredible aesthetics but also comes with a number of other benefits.

There are a number of ways that you can use to clean your car. One of these ways is to use foam cannons in combination with pressure washers. The pressure washer alone would not achieve your desired level of car cleanliness. The thick foam sprayed on the car rolls the dirt away, eliminating the need for a cleaning sponge.

It is always imperative that you use the best foam cannon for your car cleaning processes. These types of soap ensure that your car always has that shiny look and a long-lasting paint job. Finding the right cannon is the only challenging bit of the process.

To give you a better understanding of these foam cannon soaps, this article will provide you with all the information you may need to settle on a car soap that leaves your car refreshed and renewed. The features you need to consider before making any purchase will also be discussed in detail.

Features you need to consider in foam cannon soaps

Best Foam Cannon

As you set out to buy or replace a foam cannon, you will indeed find numerous options available out there. Their basic principles of operations are always the same for all the brands. Do not confuse the almost near resemblance for a similarity in performance. These are some of the things you need to consider first.

1. Quality

Whenever you are making any purchase for your daily needs, do not at any moment compromise on quality. It makes no sense to buy a product that you would only be able to use once and then get rid of. A product that you would be able to use over and over should be a priority.
Foam cannons should be made from high-quality and sturdy plastics. The metallic parts that connect the cannon to the pressure washer should be non-corroding too. Stainless steel and hardened metals should be a priority. As for the soap, it should be able to lather easily and be able actually to wash away the dirt.

2. Functionality

What is the need of buying a product that does not actually work? Absolutely none. Whether it is the soap or the cannon, either has to actually do the job you intend for them. The nozzle of the cannon should be able to direct the foam onto the car at an appropriate angle. The thoroughness of the cleaning depends on this angle.
The accompanying soap to be used should also have the desired cleaning ability. It might be of high quality, but if it does not actually clean, then it is of no use. If the buying policy allows, then you should perform some sort of test to determine if the products actually work.

3. Price

There is a saying among consumers that price does not always dictate how well a product works. A very expensive product might not also be of the right quality. You can find a product at a low price that works just fine. You should, first of all, consider your financial plans and look for a good quality product that fits right into it.

4. Compatibility of the cannon with the washer

Ideal foam cannon should be compatible with the pressure washer for it to work perfectly. All the connectors should fit well into the washer horse, or you would not get anything done. Look for leak proof connectors.

Best Foam Cannon

A Review of Five of The Best Foam Cannon Available on The Market 2021-2022

To get some hint on some of the best products available, here is a review round up of the best five products. You can choose to consider some of these, if not all of them. You can as well opt to do further research and pick a product that you feel is appropriate for your ride.

1. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash

The DUSICHIN SFL-001 as a foam gun is one product made for car enthusiasts and professionals. This product comes with an array of quality fittings to ensure you use your cannon for quite a long time. This includes the adapter and the connection tubes.

It has got impressive performance ratings too. At a maximum operating pressure and temperature of 160 bars and 600C respectively, there is absolutely nothing not to love about this cannon. It also has a spray nozzle that you can adjust to provide the required amount of pressure for a thorough cleanup.

The adjustable nozzle also facilitates precision foam formation and the subsequent mixing. The container is made from a sturdy and translucent plastic. This allows you to partially see the kind of contents in it as well as the levels in it.

The nozzle is also made from high strength plastic. It can rotate to change the shape of the spray, giving you more flexibility while washing your car.

Top features

  • It has an adjustable foam lance
  • It has high-quality connectors made from quality brass
  • Requires a pressure washer for maximum performance
  • It has an adjustable nozzle to maximize foam formation and mixing
  • Spots a heavy-duty design
  • Contains a ¼ inch disconnection fitting
  • Can produce over 1000 PSI and a GPM of 2.0
  • Operates at a maximum pressure of 160 bars
  • Maximum temperature of operation is 600C
  • This product has an adjustable dilution and a dial for setting it
  • It has a 1-liter capacity container


  • Gives an amazing thick layer of foam
  • The container holds enough foam for the whole car eliminating the need to refill
  • An adjustable nozzle makes changing the size of spray possible.
  • Does a great job


  • The container is not transparent. Seeing how much solution is left is kind of hard.
  • The adjustment knob can sometimes fall off

2. MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon


The MTN Hydro Foam Cannon is believed to be the standard cannon among its ‘peers’ in the foaming industry. It can be comfortably used by both professionals and you, an ordinary car owner. You always strive hard to save time and money, while still keeping your ride in the best of looks when using this product. 

Using it is quite easy too. There are no complicated parts to fit and assemble. You simply connect the cannon to the pressure washer using the provided fittings, and you are good to go. With this product, you get an assured performer that has stood the test of time.

With an adjustable nozzle, you can tune the foam flow to a narrow flow or a jet flow. This enables you to wash different surfaces with ease. You also have the freedom to determine the amount of detergent that flows out. You can use the chemical injection knob for this purpose.

The use of these foam cannons is not limited to car wash only. You can use them to wash your house, sidewalk, fence, roof and any other washable surface.

Top features

  • It is classified as a high-pressure foam lance
  • This cannon has a 1.10 mm nozzle
  • The cannon bottle is 34 oz
  • It mixes high-pressure water with a detergent and air to produce thick foam that clings to the car body
  • The foam produced can shoot up to 20 feet
  • The cannon is adjustable
  • The bayonet fitting fits on almost all of the cannons from this manufacturer and electric pressure washers
  • It needs a minimum pressure of 1100 PSI and a maximum 2600 PSI to operate
  • This item measures 12 x 6 x 3 inches
  • It also needs a flow of 1.4 GPM
  • The product comes with a 0.25-inch male NPT plug plus a 0.25-inch male M22 fitting


  • It eases the process of washing
  • Produces high-quality foam
  • Works with even low powered electric pressure washers
  • It gives you a good value for money


  • It does not last very long sometimes
  • The adapter feels cheap

3. MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

The MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon is ideal for both car washing enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is an ideal foam blaster for a variety of cleaning operations. Apart from cleaning your car, you can also use this cannon for the following cleaning needs: Motorcycle, floors, windows, driveways, sidewalks and roof washing and so on.

You can connect this cannon straight to your pressure washer. It is then able to dispense the thick layers of foam capable of breaking down the dirt on your car. This eliminates the harsh scrubbing on your car’s paint job. The jetting effect gives an amazing feeling about the machine.

To get the best results from your cannon, first add some warm/hot water into the bottle. This aids in the mixing of the soap solution and the water. Before using the cannon, adjust the nozzle until the stream of water is of the desired shape or pattern.

You can also adjust how much water is mixed with the soap solution. When you allow less water to pass through, more foam would be produced. More water passing means that less foam would be generated at the nozzle.

Top features

  • This product has a ¼” quick connector
  • It has a 1-liter capacity container
  • It has an adjustable snow foam lance
  • Requires pressure washer to have 2.0 GPM
  • It works when a pressure of over 1000PSI is provided
  • Maximum allowable pressure is 200 bars
  • The foam lance is made of high-quality brass
  • Its main body is made of solid brass
  • It has a top dial that you can use to control the amount and thickness of the foam dispensed
  • The adjustable nozzle controls the spray pattern
  • It has multiple uses, ideal for an enthusiast or a professional cleaner
  • It can operate within the temperature range of 600C – 1400C


  • Works great
  • The foam pattern is adjustable
  • You can vary the amount and quality of foam you want
  • It works with any car wash soap
  • Wastes less soap


  • You cannot adjust how the foam spreads

4. DUSICHIN DUS-003 Washer Gun

The DUSICHIN DUS-003 is a high-pressure washer foam gun suitable for all your car cleaning needs. It boasts of an adjustable snow foam lance for adaptability when cleaning. This product comes with an array of quality fittings to ensure you use your cannon for quite a long time. This includes the adapter and the connection tubes.

The performance ratings of this product are amazing. It operates at a maximum pressure of 3000PSI and a temperature of 600C. Almost everything about this particular foam cannon is lovely. To achieve the desired amount of pressure, this washer gun comes with a spray nozzle which is adjustable to provide a thorough cleanup.

A sturdy and see through plastic has been used to make this product's container. You can be able to see the contents of the container because of this. To accurately mix water and the washing soap, the bottle has some accurate calibrations. The only issue to be worried about when using this product is its foam which sometimes comes out too liquidly.

Top features

  • It has a brass fitting
  • The snow foam lance is adjustable when cleaning
  • It is rated 3000 PSI
  • It has an M22 Metric Male thread fitting
  • The threaded fitting has an internal diameter of 14 mm
  • The outlet disconnect fitting is ¼ inch
  • It can operate at a maximum outside temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You need a pressure washer to operate this product
  • You cannot use a standard garden hose
  • The package measures 11 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • The item weighs 2.3 pounds


  • It shoots high-quality foam
  • It is sturdy
  • It is available at a low cost
  • It has an adjustable foam lance


  • There are too many variations of the product
  • The foam sometimes comes out too liquidly

5. Leadrise Adjustable Snow Foam Lance Washer Soap Car Wash Gun

The Leadrise Adjustable Snow Foam Lance is one of the best car wash guns for the average car washer as well as the professionals. It has an adjustable spraying nozzle to fine tune the pattern of the foam being sprayed.

This soap car wash gun works at a maximum pressure of 220 bars and this will make sure that all the dirt is removed from your car. It is also possible to use various spray nozzles on this product and therefore you won’t have to worry about new nozzles if you already have one.

With a 1-liter capacity, this cannon foam has a larger capacity to make sure that you make fewer refills in cleaning your car. It is very easy to use this product while at the same time it produces a lot of foam. It is durable because it is made of high-quality products.

What’s more, to get the best mixing ratio, this car wash gun comes with settings that can be used in adjusting the appropriate mixing ratios. The only issue to be worried about when using this product is the process of fixing the screw top. It is somehow challenging.

Top features

  • It comes with an adjustable foam lance
  • The product is easy to install
  • It requires a pressure washer to have the requisite flow rate of 2.00 GPM and a pressure of 1000 PSI before you can use it
  • The product comes with settings that you can adjust for appropriate mixing ratios
  • It has a guaranteed satisfaction
  • Works at a maximum pressure of 220 bars
  • Maximum temperature of 600C
  • It has a variable spray nozzle
  • It has a 1-liter capacity container
  • It has an adjustable dilution complete with a setting dial


  • This product guarantees you a 100% satisfaction
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • Produces lots of foam
  • Available at a budget friendly cost
  • Easy to use


  • Fixing the screw top is a little challenging


Keeping your car sparkling clean will make you the envy of your fellow car owners. Many people love a clean, shiny car. Using the best foam cannon guarantees you an effortless cleaning procedure. These spray thick layers of cleaning foam onto the car and eliminates the need for car scrubbing which is always harsh to the car paint just like dish soap.

There are a number of foam cannons that you can find out in there in the market. It is a necessity to choose the best of this lot. Of the five reviewed products, I would recommend the DUSICHIN SFL-001foam cannon. It has a quality design that lasts long, keeping your car always clean. The nozzle is adjustable, and it has a dilution dial as well. It even comes with a number of accessories for ease of use. These include an adapter and connecting tubes.

Have you ever used any of the products that we have discussed above? How can you describe the performance of the product that you have ever used? Which one are you planning to buy among the five that we have discussed? We would highly love to hear what you have to say.

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