Useful Tips: Buying the Best Ceramic Coating For Cars (Update 2022)

Every car owner likes their treasured rides to always be in good conditions. This maintenance always revolves around many areas. One of which is to protect your car from dirt, UV rays, scratches, dust and even bird drops. Most of these mentioned things are more of environmental and not engine-related.

A better understanding of the conditions of the area you stay in or ride along most of the time is very necessary. A well-maintained car is not only good-looking but also safe to ride in. All these can be done away with through the use of the best ceramic coating for your cars. They make the car shiny as well. 

What You Need to Know About Ceramic Coatings?

The ceramic coatings are liquid polymers that are hand-applied on the car’s exterior thereby matching with the car paint to create a protective layer. The created bond is semi-permanent or in some cases permanent and will last longer without having to do repeated applications.

It is, however, worth noting that not any ceramic coating you come across will work for your vehicle. That leads us to the sole purpose of this article. And that is to equip you with the necessary information that will be of help while choosing the best product to settle down on. Almost everything you need to know about ceramic coatings has been discussed here!

Features to Consider Before Purchasing a Ceramic Coating

There are currently so many brands producing different ceramic coatings. They are aimed at performing the same functions but come with various features. This makes it quite hectic to make a choice on which product will best meet your needs and preferences.

But if you happen to get to the shop or market with some knowledge on whatever you are looking for, then your work will even be more simplified. You will not have to do a lot of searches. This comprehensive article is aimed at arming you with the necessary ideas that will help you make the right choice.

Read along for some of the features to always look for in any ceramic coatings before purchasing any.

1. Ease of Cleaning

A suitable car ceramic coating should have a hydrophobic property. This makes it water repellant. Therefore, it is easy to wash away contaminants such as dirt and dust without much effort because the coating prevents the formation of any bonds between them and the car’s body paint.

When it is raining, water beads on the car surface before sliding off with a lot of ease. It keeps the vehicle dry all through without much work. Your car will always look neat and even newer which is every car owner’s wish.

2. Cost

However much price is not a factor to use when determining the quality of a ceramic coating, it is a very important aspect to consider before making a purchase. It is not guaranteed that the most expensive of the ceramic coatings will satisfy your car’s needs and preferences.

On the other hand, this should not be used as an excuse to go for the cheaper brands. But if you come across a more affordable brand with all the features you are looking for, then the better for you. You will surely save a lot. And by the way, who on earth does not want to save? I doubt if there is any.

3. Hardness

Nobody in their normal senses would like to own a product that breaks down after a few times of usage. The same principle applies in ceramic coatings. They have different hardness and flexibility levels. It is the strength that determines how long the coating will last. Some are permanent while others are semi-permanent. 

The hardness is always measured in H which is the ability of an already coated surface to prevent scratching. Ceramic coatings with 9H hardness are the best when it comes to that. Always check the hardness level before making any purchase.

4. Versatility

A single product that can perform different functions is cost-effective. Apart from being used on cars alone, some ceramic coatings can be used on other products such as boats which make them even better for those with different materials that need coating.

Ceramic coatings that perform many functions such as protection against ultraviolet rays, acidic rains, dust, dirt among others are the best compared to those that are specifically designed to perform just single functions. Go for a single product with the capacity to perform different tasks.

5. Ease of application

Simple ceramic coatings that are easy to apply are the best products you can always choose. It saves you the cost that you could have spent by hiring somebody to make the application for you. An easy to apply ceramic coating should have the ability to be handled by even beginners without any problems.

Some models also come with a set of step by step instructions that should be followed when applying the coating. These instructions should be simple enough to be understood by anybody who wants to apply the ceramic coating. Try to avoid the sophisticated brands as you may end up getting confused along the way and end up with a poor end result.


A Review of Some The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars Currently Available on The Market 2021-2022

* Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Armor Shield IX by AvalonKing

Armor Shield IX by AvalonKing



Armor Shield IX is our pick for the best ceramic coating for the money.

Specifically designed for daily drivers (ie. not only for luxury supercars) & aimed at weekend DIY’ers and hobbyists this coating had one of the simplest applications we tested. And results wise it really stood out.

We found several coatings overly 'delicate' and technical whereas Armor Shield went on easily and spread nicely whilst drying time was minimal. Removing the excess was simple with the provided MF towel, and required only light pressure. It was also suitable and recommended for glass, plastic, and rims and we had no problems applying.

Cost wise, at $69 it falls within the more 'premium' DIY coatings, so isn't the cheapest on offer. There is always the temptation to go with a cheap no name brand but in our experience the quality is brutally inconsistent, and most will be fortunate to last a year. Armor Shield IX has a convenient 3 year guarantee.

In terms of results, we found the coating to offer excellent hydrophobic & self cleaning properties, and our test vehicles were VERY easily cleaned, even from bugs and bird droppings. Literally, 1 wipe would remove.

Nicely packaged it also includes easy to follow instructions.

Highly recommended.

The only minor complaint we had is that the provided microfibre towel - although of good quality - is quite small. On a large vehicle, you may require an additional towel in order to finish buffing.

Top features

  • Extremely warm gloss
  • Excellent protective qualities
  • 92% SiO2
  • Great for daily drivers, not just 'garage queen's
  • Very easy cleaning
  • Full Kit - includes bottle, sponge, applicator suedes, microfibre towel, & gloves
  • Easy DIY application


  • 3 year guarantee
  • High end consumer product
  • Easy to apply and buff
  • Universally excellent reviews
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Fast shipping


  • Small'ish Microfibre towel
  • Only available directly from website not amazon

2. Color N Drive 9H Ceramic Coating


The Color N Drive 9H Ceramic Coating works on the principle of a chemical known as silane. A silane with a carbon-silicon bond (C-Si) is called organo-silane. It is always known for forming covalent bonds between organic and inorganic compounds which have the features needed in the coating.

This ceramic coating uses a Nano-bionics technology that mimics the Lotus Effect of self-cleaning as a result of ultra-hydrophobicity. The nanolayer measures between 4 and 6 micrometers which is very thin. Bionic, on the other hand, is a natural process.

This product, therefore, forms a dirt and water-repellent layer on the surface of your car. This layer is long-lasting. Its application does not need any form of experience and therefore can be done by anybody. A 50ml bottle can do two coats on two medium-sized vehicles. More than one coat is however not necessary.

This product comes in a kit that contains gloves, a spreading microfiber, 150-ml pretreatment, a polishing microfiber and two coated sponges apart from the 50-ml ceramic coating. Before applying this coating, ensure that the finish is free from contamination that would probably hinder having a good painting on your car’s surface.

Wash the car first when not paste-polishing. No claying is needed unless when paste-polishing. A scratch is enough after which you are free to apply the coating after shaking it well.

>>> Full reviews: 9H Ceramic Coating Reviews

Top features

  • Has antifouling and hydrophobic properties
  • Employs the 9H Nano-technology
  • Comes in quantities of 50ml
  • Highly hard and flexible
  • Associated with a tough 3D deep gloss
  • Anti-ultraviolet rays
  • Anti acidic rains
  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-calcium
  • Anti-static


  • Hard and flexible
  • High gloss end product
  • Easy to clean
  • No oxidation and fading of car paint
  • Durable protection
  • Fast and easy to apply


  • Leaks when the bottle top is not tightened correctly

3. Migliore Strata Ceramic Coating


The Migliore Strata is a ceramic coating that creates a barrier above your vehicle’s paint. This barrier protects it from environmental contaminants and ultraviolet rays all through the year. The hard-protective layer formed is easy to clean without scratching and marring. 

The shiny appearance that comes out after its application is eye-catching. Don Havourd was the man who designed this ceramic coating. This coat performs much better than any wax or sealant that you might come across.

Application of this product is fast and simple. New beginners and veterans alike will not experience any problem during the period of application. The vehicle will look cleaner even without washing between your regular washing schedules.

Its ability to protect against water sheeting that is extreme makes it a good paint protector since there is no wash-induced marring. It is a semi-permanent coating.

Top features

  • Extremely glossy ceramic coating
  • Provides protection all through the year
  • Application of this coating is easy
  • Provides resistance to ultraviolet rays and extreme weather conditions


  • Easy to apply
  • All-year protection against contaminants and UV rays
  • Very shiny appearance
  • No wash-induced marring
  • Keeps vehicle clean


  • Slightly poor-quality end result if curing time is not shortened

Comparison Between Color N Drive and Migliore Strata Ceramic Coatings

These two ceramic coatings are very essential when it comes to keeping your vehicle from ultraviolet rays and any other substances. These substances include dust and dirt that are unwanted on the surface of the vehicle. They both leave your vehicle shiny and even newer once you are done with their application.

Additionally, they are easy to apply and can be done by anybody, be it a beginner or an experienced person. These two products are durable enough on the vehicle, and there is no need to keep applying them now and then. They are both hydrophobic and hence easy to clean.

Contrastingly, the Color N Drive coating uses the Nano-technology principle that the Migliore Strata does not use. Secondly, the Color N Drive weighs 2 pounds whereas the Migliore Strata coating weighs 2.4 ounces. Pricewise, the Migliore Strata ceramic coating is a bit expensive as compared to the Color N Drive ceramic coating.

4. Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Coating


The Micro Detailer 600 Pro has a flexible structure that contains a highly concentrated liquid solution. This results in a tough 3-D structure. The Nanoscopic particles are capable of going deep below the surface and making interactions on the quantum level that can last for five years.

A tight hydrophobic surface is brought as a result of the 120-degree contact angle that it makes with your vehicle’s surface. It is a permanent coat that once applied can only be removed through compounding or sanding. This product also works well on boats.

It comes in a 30-ml bottle. Other accessories included in the package are two applicators, a bar and instructions as concerns cloth application. Its unique formulation feature enables for multi-layering hence the thickness of the coating can be increased. This will make it even harder and resistant.

This product has been thoroughly tested and approved by SGS which is the leading testing, certification and verification company worldwide. It leaves a very shiny and smooth appearance on the car surface once you are done with its application. Being a permanent coating, ensure that there are no imperfections since the removal of such will be so hard.

Top features

  • Comes in three versions, which are a premium kit, standard kit, and bottle only.
  • High impact-absorbing elastic material combined with ultra-9H hardness
  • Permanent coat after application
  • A 120-degree angle of contact between the coating and the surface of the vehicle
  • Self-cleaning surface
  • Highly hydrophobic surface
  • Weather resistant
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Thermal resistance of up to 750 degrees Celsius


  • Durable
  • Self-cleaning surface
  • Highly concentrated
  • Versatile
  • Permanent coating
  • Easy to apply


  • The permanent coating is time-consuming and costly during removal

Comparison between Migliore Strata and Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Coatings

Both products protect against dirt, dust, UV lights and bird drops. Being that both are hydrophobic, they are easy to clean and at the same time offer protection against water sheeting. Application of these products is effortless and can be done by any person. No experience needed.

Their costs are almost the same. However; the Micro Detailer 600 Pro comes as a concentrated solution that first needs dilution before being used whereas the Migliore Strata ceramic coating comes as a ready-to-use coating.

Additionally, the Micro Detailer 600 Pro is a permanent coating and can only be removed by sanding or compounding while the Migliore Strata is a semi-permanent ceramic coating. The Migliore Strata is meant specifically for vehicles while the Micro Detailer 600 Pro is a versatile ceramic coating and can be applied to the boats as well.

Comparison between Color N Drive and Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Coatings

Apart from their protective use, these two ceramic coatings use the Nano-technology as the principle behind their operation. Both are hydrophobic and self-cleaning. The glossy appearance is experienced when both products are used on vehicles.

Their application needs no experience. These two ceramic coatings are 9H hard in capacity on top of being flexible. Both products are durable and can last for up to five years. No application cost will be incurred when using any of these two products. They are fast and effortless to apply on vehicles. On the other hand, the Color N Drive comes in quantities of 50 ml while the Micro Detailer 600 Pro coatings come in 30-ml bottles. 

The Micro Detailer can be used for other purposes such as boat paintings while the Color N Drive ceramic coatings are solely meant for vehicles. The Color N Drive is less expensive compared to the Micro Detailer 600 Pro ceramic coating.


Car maintenance is not a quite easy stuff as might be imagined. It involves taking care of a lot of car areas some of which are not known to many. A well-maintained car lasts longer than expected and has a higher value in case of a resale. The greatest gift one can give to their rides is keeping them in the best shape and form. How your car appears on the outside matters a lot as it is what is easily seen by people.

Ceramic coatings are just protective substances that are meant to keep your vehicle in good condition. They protect against bird drops, dust, dirt, ultraviolet rays and even acidic rains. Some of these substances are not only harmful to your car but to you as the user as well. That is why it is always advisable that you protect your car and yourself by extension from such kind of stuff.

It is worth noting that not any ceramic coating you come across will work for you. That is why we are recommending the Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Coating as the best ceramic coating among the three that have been reviewed. This is because it has most of the features of an ideal ceramic like being weather resistant, offering a self-cleaning surface, offering thermal resistance among other features.

I hope this article has been of great help to you as far as ceramic coatings are concerned. I have used the above recommended ceramic coating and I can confirm that it will offer you the best services you can ever think of. You can give it a try as well.

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