Best ATV Ramps Reviews | 5 Important Factors to Consider Buying 2022

Do you own an ATV or bought one recently? If so, then you need an ATV ramp to load it at the back of your pickup truck safely. The problem is you are having doubts on which ramps to buy. We understand how confused you are right now, as there are hundreds of choices out there. It is not easy to decide which the best ATV ramp is. To help you with this problem we have list down 5 important factors you can consider in choosing an ATV ramp.

5 Vital Features to Consider of Best ATV Ramps

When buying an ATV ramp, settling to the first item you see online is not a good idea. You need to consider ATV’s important features like load capacity, configuration, safety, styles, weight, and length. Choosing the right ramp for your ATV will reduce the risk of damaging your 4 x 4 or vehicle or injury to you. It will help you get where you want to be fast and in the saddle. With the many styles, features and options available, finding the best of ATV ramps is not easy.


1. Load Capacity

Load capacity is one of the most important features that you need to consider when shopping for an ATV ramp. You want a ramp that is capable of carrying not only the ATV but other things that you want to load in your vehicle. In checking the load capacity, you should consider the ATV’s weight and your weight. Choose the one that is capable of carrying the heaviest load if you have plans of using the ramp to other cargo beside ATV.

2. Configuration

ATV ramps are also available in different configurations. It is important that you choose the right configuration, so it will perform at its best. Check the available space on your vehicle and the ease with which you can use a particular ramp. Choose bi-fold ramp if you have enough space in the bed of your truck. Consider Tri-fold ramp for cramped truck bed.


3. Safety

Another important factor that you need to consider in choosing the  ATV ramp is safety. The width of the ramp you buy should have enough space on both sides of the ATV. This assures you that you can ride the truck up and down the ramp with less danger. The possibility of falling off on either side of the ramp is less. The length of the ramp should be enough to provide you a better angle. Ramps that are too short will give an incline that is too steep and is dangerous.

4. ATV Ramp Designs

ATV ramps are available in various styles. Each ramp has different features that will suit your need. You can determine it by the equipment you need to load.

  • Dual Runner – two separate runners or ramps. You can choose from folding or non-folding styles. Decide also whether you need arched or straight. It can fit under the ATV without any problem while traveling. However, it requires ATV with a higher ground clearance.
  • Bifold – For compact storage choose hinged ramp folds width. Faster setup as compared to the dual runner. If folded for traveling, may need quad with higher ground clearance.
  • Trifold – ramp that you can fold into three. It is easy to store and can fit between the ATV tires. Choose the semi-open center track for lighter setup with added stability to the ramp system.
  • Trailer – if you are looking for something that can load your ATV at various styles this is a good choice. You can also load other equipment like snowmobiles or lawn tractors.
  • Archer and Non-Folding – straight ramps need more length than arched ramps. This will prevent lowering out some 4x4s during pickup truck bed cresting. The arched ramps can provide the much-needed clearance.

5. Loading Height / Ramp Length

It is important that you choose the right length of ramp for safe loading and unloading of your quad. You need to keep the angle of your ramps low. This will prevent the machine from tipping even if your ATV has a ground/wheelbase clearance ratio. The ramps can help climb very steep inclines.

Tips on Finding the Right Length

In deciding the length of your ramp, you need to know the following:

  • The wheelbase refers to the horizontal gap between the center of the rear wheel and the center of the front wheel.
  • The Ground clearance is the space between the ground the lowest component of the ATV beside the wheels and tires.
  • The rise or loading height is the space from the floor to the uppermost part of the truck bed or trailer where the ATV will be laden. Another way to determine the rise is by using a tape measure. Place one end on the open tailgate of your trailer or vehicle and measure the angle until you get the length that looks optimal.

6. Aluminum or Steel

Decide whether you need a ramp that is made of aluminum or steel. Most of the ramp buyer prefers the one that is made from aluminum. Although it is a little bit expensive as compared to the one that is made of steel, it is durable but lighter than steel. Setting it up and storing is much easier. It is also much easier to handle.

7. Construction Types

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing best ATV ramps is the construction types. You can choose between rungs or diamond mesh ramps. Your decision will depend on your needs. If you need to use the ramp to load other objects aside from the ATV, choose the mesh type. It is also the best choice for loading lawn mowers. Also, if you need a ramp for loading your ATV only then it is okay, you can go for a rung style. This will offer better traction particularly when the ramp angle becomes steeper.

Truck Ramp

Safety Tips on Loading the ATV

  • Put on your helmet. This will keep you protected in case something wrong happens while loading the ATV.
  • Check the latches. If you are using folding ramps make sure that the latches are tightly locked, the ramp is attached to the truck bed properly and straps are securely fastened.
  • Start the quad and position it in a way that it is aligned perfectly on the loading ramps. Make sure that the lowest forward gear is engaged, then slowly climb the ramp. It enables you to maneuver the ATV easily with less throttle input. For the four-wheel drive, use it to avoid the risk of wheel spin.
  • As it moves forward up the ramps, apply the throttle smoothly. To maintain forward momentum, give enough gas. Too much gas will make the wheels spin without control.
  • Slowly apply brakes if you are near the deck of your truck.
  • If the quad is in the truck bed or trailer, use a quality tie that is tough enough to keep the ATV secured.
  • Remove the ramps carefully and then fold it back to store.

Top 5 Best Rated ATV Ramps Reviews 2022

Here are some five products that you should consider buying.

1. Titan Ramps 8 Feet Loading Ramps

This 8 feet loading ramps manufactured by Titan weighs 38 pounds having a dimension of 94 x 11.3 x 12 inches. Ramps made by Titan aim at providing the consumer’s smooth experience when loading and offloading four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles into trucks and high trailers. The item is eight feet long and has a flatter angle which is ideal for items with low suspension.

This ramp is lightweight but provides ape-like strength to carry vehicles with up to 2400 pounds. For maximum clearance, it has been arched and with serrated crossbars to prevent mishaps. It has a bi-fold design that requires only small area during storage and transport. Titan Ramps 8 ft. loading ramps are made of aluminum. It does not require assembly.


  • Titan Ramp 8 Foot is durable and do not flex at all
  • Lightweight easy to transport
  • You can fold it for ease of storing
  • Includes safety strap in the package
  • It can carry up to 2400lbs
  • Easy to use as it does not require complicated assembly


  • The paint chips off easily

2. Titan ATV001 Plate Top Loading Ramps

This ramp weighs 33 pounds with 91 x 11.2 x 6 inches and is considered as one of the best pairs of ramps on this list. The ATV001 ramps by Titan have unique plate top design feature perfect for vehicles with small tire such as mobility scooters, lawn tractors, and other ATVs.

It has a total load capacity of 1500 pounds. The design is arched and safety traps to provide stable clearance. This 7.5 feet lawnmower ramp has an aluminum plate which makes it durable and strong.


  • Priced reasonably
  • Includes safety straps in the package
  • Heavy-duty and safe
  • With rubber tipped finger plate stop


  • Some experience problem with safety straps, it is not as sturdy as expected

Comparison 1 vs 2

3. Goplus 7.5 Arched Foldable Aluminum Ramps

This GoPlus aluminum ramp is a dual design, which means that you can take both of them with you during your off-road outings. The ramps can support up to 1500 pounds and at 7.5 ft. long they provide you a smooth, shallow grade in loading your flatbed each ramp is 11.5 inches wide. The ramps are sturdy enough to load a baby elephant or armored tank as long as they are within the weight limits.

The good thing about these ramps is that you can fold them in half so you can store it conveniently. To assure stability when loading the manufacturer added rubber feet and safety straps, so there will be no accidents of slippage will occur.

The GoPlus ramps are perfect at a reasonable price. Just make sure that they are properly secured to the trailer when loading so it will not shoot out if you hit the gas. Although they are large, they do not weigh that much.


  • Cost less than others
  • Very durable but light because it is made of aluminum
  • You can fold in half for easy storage
  • With adjustable safety strap
  • Wide range design for better traction


  • Just like other folding ramps, it might give your finger a pinch if you are not careful in folding and unfolding

Comparison 2 vs 3 & 3 vs 1

4. Ironton Non-Folding Steel Ramp

These ramps manufactured by Ironton are a 6 x 9 made of steel ramps. They can carry a total of 1000 pounds ideal for loading lawn tractors, snow blasters, and ATV. Ironton non-folding ramps have safety straps with a textured, nonslip surface structure.

The drive surface width measures 9 inches. The tire height is 9 inches, and it can incline up to 72 degrees. The design is straight, therefore it is safer, will not bounce during the unloading and loading. The overall dimension is 72 x 9 x 2. The product is priced reasonably around below $50.


  • They cost less
  • Can withstand the harsh weather
  • With sturdy safety straps
  • You will not have to pinch of fingers problem since it is non-foldingSetting it up is easy
  • No bouncing issue because of its straight design


  • A little bit heavier as compared to others

5. Best Choice SKY1928 7.5 Aluminum Pair Ramps

The Best Choice SKY1928 is ideal for loading light objects and you can store it in a breeze once you are done. The produce weighs 33 pounds and the dimension is 91 x 11 x 6 inches, if folded they measures 45.5 x 11 x 6 inches.

It means that you can store or carry it without any difficult. These ramps are proud of its arched design that provides a gentle incline for safe loading. These Best Choice ramps have rubber tipped fingers so you will not experience injuries on your fingers. Loading small tire vehicles or equipment will not be a problem.


  • It weigh less and folds to a smaller design
  • The rubberized fingers design will not scratch off the paint and protects your finger from injury
  • With arched design to incline well for safe loading


  • There are some problems on the inside rim of the traction holes

Comparison 4 vs 5

Final Words

The above best ATV ramps mentioned are of good quality and reliable in loading not just the ATV, but small vehicles and other equipment as well. We are not recommending any product in particular. Each has its own purpose and unique feature. Like if you need to load bigger and heavier equipment, choose the Titan Ramp 8 feet. These ATV ramps have the capability to load up 2400 pounds. If you need a non-folding ramp choose the Ironton ramps. They can carry up to 1000 pounds.

Before deciding which ramps to buy, make sure that you have considered all the factors discussed in this post. Keep in mind, the secret to finding the right product is having enough knowledge about it. If you find this post helpful in the search for the right product, feel free to share it with others.

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