The Best Air Tools: Which Are The Perfect Air Tools for Your Car?

Vehicles, just like most machines, do break down at times. It is advisable to take your car for maintenance as often as possible to avoid regular car breakdowns. Whether regular maintenance or repair, you will always want it done within the fastest time possible.

Loosening of bolts and nuts can be time-consuming if you do not have the required materials. With the best air tools, however, speed service will have been simplified. These tools recently came to my aid when I needed to replace my worn out tires. 

I managed to do the replacement in less than 20 minutes and there I was on the road heading to my office right in time. This is where the thought of talking about these life-saving tools struck my mind. I hope you will have found some help by the end of this article.

A Complete List of The Best Air Tools

This is a wide area that might get yourself consumed whenever you want to purchase any of the tools. I am however going to make it simpler for you. The different kinds of air tools in this article have been grouped into categories.

These are:

  • check
    Air Drills
  • check
    Air Grinders
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    Air hammers
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    Air blow guns
  • check
    Air ratchets
  • check
    Air saws and sanders

Before we look at the various air tools in the categories mentioned above, it is important that you are aware that these tools are designed to be run by compressors. A perfect choice of a compressor will make a big difference when matched with a topnotch air tool.
Let us keep that for another day though. It is a whole new thing that deserves to be discussed on its own. So let us go back to our air tools.


1. Air Drills

The air drills are always designed with either pistol grip or right-angled configurations. Most of them are operated with two hands as a result of the secondary handles that are always attached to their cases. These air tools are reversible due to the back and forth switch.

You can control your operating speed using the trigger pressure. How nice is that? Just operate at your own pace. The most important part of air drills is the high revolutions per minute (RPM) that they are capable of generating.

Three Best air drills

a. Chicago CP7300 Air Drill

This non-reversible air drill has a compact design making it lightweight and therefore easy to handle. It is a general purpose tool that will be of great help in the garage. It has a 1/4-inch capacity Jacob’s chuck.

Drill and sow holes with this tool at speeds of 2800 RPM. The speed is extremely important when it comes to repairing of automotive. Its ergonomic rubber at the handle will minimize fatigue around your wrist while working.

This Chicago product has a long life which is basically what we look for whenever we are in the market shopping for new products.

b. Powryte Basic Air Drill

The reversible Powryte Air Drill is one-hand operated. You can change the operating direction conveniently by just using a single hand. What a simple way to perform important tasks such as these?

This drill has a built-in silencer that reduces the noise levels. You do not want to lose your sense of hearing at the expense of a car repair. Another important thing is the fact that its exhaust is placed on the rear side so the exhaust fumes will be blown away keeping you safer.

Your safety is the first priority. It is not logical to maintain your car in the best condition possible, yet you cannot have a ride in it because of health complications. The rubber grip makes you feel comfortable while drilling.

This air drill has a chuck capacity of 3/8 inches and can make speeds of up to 2000 RPM allowing you to complete tasks within just minutes.

c. Ingersoll-Rand 7803RA Air Drill

Ingersoll-Rand is another brand that has been known for quite some time now. The 7803RA model is a reversible one among the drills produced by Ingersoll-Rand. It is one tool you can use to perform a wide variety of tasks such as drilling, wire brushing, sawing among others.

All these functions cannot be done without sufficient power. What does that mean? The air drill is powerful and can make variable speeds of between 400 and 500 RPM. Additionally, it is reversible. The reverse lever has a quick release for convenience.

Are your screws giving you a hell of a time during removal? This air drill is the remedy to such. The ½-inch chuck is one that will not tear and wear allowing you to have extended operations with the same tool. Why incur expenses on vehicle and tool repairs more often? Run away from such by choosing the right tools.

2. Air Grinders

You will always find air grinders in two configurations. These are the die and angle grinders. For the angle grinders, there is a shaft that connects the case to the grinding wheel at an angle of 90 degrees. On the other hand are the die grinders whose straight shafts at the case end can be used to affix different attachment wheels.

The speed at which these air grinders operate at is so high. Once you change from electric grinders to the air grinders, you will realize how inferior the former is. You will regret why you have been spending a lot of time with them. 

The Best Air Tools: Which Are The Perfect Air Tools for Your Car?

Four Best Air Grinders

a. Campbell Hausfeld TL05200AV Die Air Grinder

Campbell Hausfeld is well known for the production of very high-quality air grinders. They never disappoint. The TL05200AV is a model that you can trust when it comes to grinding, polishing, deburring, smoothing of edges and porting.

Such a wide range of activities can be performed faster using this 25,000 RPM tool. Sharp edges if left unpolished might cause injuries. Why would you repair your car and leave some sharp edges? Avoid accidents that you might get yourself into by using this air grinder. After all, it will not consume much of your time to clear such.

It is lighter and compact making it easy to operate for long without getting fatigued. No heating up while using this tool. A tool that heats up is always associated with so many mistakes due to the uncomforting nature.

This air grinder has few moving parts making it easier to maintain. The size of its Chuck is ¼-inch.

b. DEWALT DWMT70783 Die Air Grinder

This air grinder has a straight die. Its body is made of aluminum making it lightweight and easy to handle. The handle is cushioned for comfortable and easy grip. Such should be the characteristics of air tools of importance as this one.

Time is an essential resource that once lost cannot be recovered. The control trigger is just a touch away. This does not need any professionalism to operate. Anybody can control it with ease to polish metallic surfaces.

This grinder is fitted with a throttle lever that ensures you are safe at any given time. The air exhaust at the rear side is meant to direct debris away from you and the tool. Such small metallic particles are disastrous when inhaled.

Remember the high speeds of up to 25,000 RPM can throw particles your path. Any of the particles that might find itself in your eye, for example, will make you so uncomfortable. Such scenarios are eliminated in totality using this grinder.
It has an air inlet of ¼-inch with collets of sizes ¼ and 1/8 inch.

c. XtremepowerUS Angle Air Grinder

This product is an angled grinder with an air inlet which ¼-inch in size. You can use it for long periods without feeling a thing. The reduced weight has not affected the performance and quality of the tool. In fact, they have improved on them, not like other tools where the less weight compromises on performance.

The body of the grinder is the composite type. It stands out with its average consumption of air. Its ergonomics make its operation in deburring, grinding, porting, polishing and weld breaking possible faster with a lot of ease.

The speeds of up to 20,000 RPM can sustain any of the operations mentioned above. This air grinder is versatile and will help you save a lot by just buying it alone instead of buying different tools each performing different tasks.

d. Ingersoll-Rand 301B Angle Air Grinder

You will need this tool when you want to access tight spots. You will polish, grind and perform much more on actually any kind of surface. The air grinder has a 0.25HP motor that delivers speeds of up to 21,000 RPM.

Sturdy aluminum casing makes it withstand the toughest of operating conditions. This together with the ball-bearing construction makes the grinder durable. Its weight is well-balanced with minimized vibrations for comfortable operations.

Accidental start-ups can be dangerous, but the manufacturer has taken care of that by ensuring that there is a safety-lock lever. The front exhaust ensures the surface is ever clean when working. The air intake is ¼-inch with a collet size of 6 mm.

3. Air hammers

Air hammers are also known as air chisels. These are the types of air tools that produce hammering action at the pull of the trigger. They are designed with interchangeable heads that ensure you get different styles of cut as you want.

Being that most vehicle components are made of metal, these tools will come in handy when you need to make cuts on them for purposes of repairs. Body repairs are the most often areas of use for the air chisels

The air hammers, especially the ones with fork heads, are what you can use for the removal of parts that have been pressed in places such as the ball joints. You know these are metals, and you cannot use your hands, for example, to carry out such purposes. These are the tools you need to quickly and efficiently clear such mess.

Three Air Hammers you can consider

a. Sunex SX9200 Air Hammer

Sunex SX9200 is a medium-length air hammer that has very low vibration levels. Too many vibrations are not needed in air tools as they can lead to lots of inaccuracies due to wrist fatigue. Always stick that at the back of your mind when looking for new air tools. You can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to your treasured ride.

This particular hammer makes 2000 blows in a minute making it faster to use alongside the three-inch stroke. You can easily change different hammer and chisel sizes as a result of the chisel retainer which allows for quick change. A less weighty tool like this one is easy to use.

b. Ingersoll-Rand 118MAXK Air Hammer

The anti-vibration feature of this hammer is meant to make you comfortable while using it. And being that the power it produces is what will be the defining factor when it comes to performance, this hammer does not disappoint in that area.

This air hammer is optimally productive as you can quickly and easily change the hammer and chisel sizes for different operations as you deem fit. You should use the least time possible while making changes, something that the manufacturer has looked into.

c. Powryte Air Hammer

This air hammer produces 5000 blows in a minute. The 1-5/8-inch stroke ensures that the hammering action is done very quickly. Powryte is one the most powerful and durable air hammers you can currently come across on the market.

You can actually regulate the speed of this hammer operates depending on the nature of work for purposes of accuracy. Its easy control, quick changes and ergonomic grip cannot be left unmentioned.

4. Air blow guns

Blowguns are also another category of air tools that cannot be left untouched. The wheels are always the most serviced part of the car. And these are the tools that will come to your aid during these frequent car servicing.

Have you ever asked yourself what tools are used to inflate your tires for example? I can see you are trying hard to figure out. To help you out, the air blow guns are the ones used to inflate tires together with the compressors.

The very blow guns, specifically the trigger-style ones, will help you do the cleaning without spending a lot of energy. How? There are times that you might go for off-road adventures and you come back with dust all over your ride. Some of the dust gets into the very unimaginable parts. Simply pull out the air blow gun and clear them out.

Your garage is not left behind at the mention of the word cleanliness. A clean and dust-free garage motivates and you will always find yourself there to check on your car regularly. Keep it clean using these trigger-style air blow guns.

Two Useful Air blow guns

a. Garage Ready Air Gun

Vary the air flow by using this simple air blow gun. The rugged design makes it durable. When durability meets comfort, operations become easy. Its nozzle is extended to reach confined spaces when blowing off stubborn debris.

You can keep your car neat with this corrosion-free air gun.

b. Forney 75337 Air Blow Gun

Forney 75337 is a lever-type air blow gun that has an extension made of oxidized aluminum making it long-lasting. It is for use on regulated airlines. The extension makes it easy to reach the tight spots when blowing away dust.

It has a zinc alloy casing which is coated to make it rust-free. This qualifies it to be another high-quality air gun you can consider for your garage.

5. Air Ratchets

The air ratchets are what you need to fasten your bolts and nuts. It is always hard to tighten bolts and nuts to the required standards. Remember this is your vehicle you are dealing with. Any untightened nuts and bolts will be the end of you because there is a high possibility of you getting involved in an accident.

The air ratchets are however simpler to use since there is no wrist twisting involved. Only the button push will be sufficient. With such effortless operations, be sure to be less fatigued. Once activated, the air pressure spins the ratchet. All you shall be required to do is hold the tool in position with an attached socket properly set over the bolt or nut. That simple!

There are also impact guns which are larger versions of the air ratchets. The impact guns produce higher torque compared to the air ratchets as a result of the pistol grip design that they have been made with. No need to exhaust yourself fastening bolts and nuts again. Get yourself any of the air ratchets, and you will have saved yourself a lot of mess. 

Two important Air Ratchets

a. OEMTOOLS 25812 Air Ratchet

This tool has a size of 3/8 inches. It operates at a speed of 150 RPM producing a torque of 45 ft. /lb. Being that it is affordable and made of a durable material makes it a good selection for your garage.

b. ACGEN Portable Air Ratchet

This is another affordable air ratchet you can add to your selection. Just like the one above, it produces a maximum torque of 45 feet per pound at speeds of 150 RPM. The bolt capacity of this product is ¼-inch which is ideal for most uses in the garage.

6. Air Saws and Sanders

Modification of metals can be so hard at times if you have the wrong tools. Worry no more. We have got your back covered with the tools you need. Just like the electric saws and sanders, the air-powered versions will help you make the cuts that you desire to have.

They are however faster than their electric counterparts. I know that is the kind of tool you really would like to have. You do not have to spend a whole day doing a single and simple job. Efficient tools like these are all you need to repair and maintain your vehicles.

Three high-quality air saws and sanders

a. Chicago CP7900 Pneumatic Air Saw

If you want to make cuts through some of your materials quickly at speeds of 10,000 strokes in a minute, then the Chicago CP7900 saw will be of great help to you. This air saw is ergonomically designed to make it comfortable and easy to handle.

The adjustable handle ensures that your safety is always taken care of at whichever angle you will be operating at. Safety, power, and comfort all in a single tool are not easy to come across. Find them in this product.

b. Astro 3037 Air Sander

Once you are through with your sawing and welding and you need to get smooth results that won’t cause injuries, just grab the Astro 3037 air sander. You can set the speed limits to levels you are comfortable with.

Remove those unnecessary protrusions to give your car that nice finish. I doubt if there is anybody who does not want to have their cars looking nice.

c. Astro 930 Air Saw

The Astro 930 Air Saw will allow you to make those tight curves and flat cuts on almost any kind of plastic and metallic material. Its blade is durable because of its adjustability. You will not be stressed about having to make replacements every time.

Having a speed of 9,000 strokes in a minute with a cutting capacity of 1.6 mm thickness makes this saw to feature among the best in this category.

Wrapping up

Having the best air tools will save you a lot of resources such as time and energy. These two resources are so important to me that I cannot think otherwise about them. I hope you value them as well.

It is complicated to choose the best among the wide range that is currently available. But I have carefully done it here for you. Hope you enjoyed going through it. I hope you won’t mind making this article go viral.

Do you have any question or suggestion? Please contact us in the comment section below, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. 

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