Amazon Prime Day Deals 2017! The Big Day is Coming! What to Expect?

Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day Deals is set on July 10. This is the retailer’s response to Black Friday that started to celebrate its 20th anniversary. As compared to the past years Prime day, this is the first time that they are announcing the actual date and previews of some of the products that will be on sale.

According to Amazon the offer this year for Prime members is very tempting. There will be “thousands of exciting deals”, and more will be coming every five minutes during the day. Remember, in order for you to participate, you need to be a Prime member or have at least a trial membership. Click here to sign up.

Amazon has their biggest day ever last year. The checkout glitches did not impact their sales at all. Without giving the exact figure, Amazon announced a day after the Prime Day 2016 that it was their “biggest ever”. The orders last year were up by 60% worldwide, as compared to 2015 Prime Day. In the US alone, their sales were up by more than 50%. Last year also was their “biggest day ever” for Amazon devices worldwide.

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What Can You Expect?

The expectation this year is higher since it will be longer and the exact date was announced earlier. Amazon customers are more excited this year. The retailer emphasized that this year Prime Day sale will include great TV deals which were only offered during Black Friday sales in the past. Amazon is stressing on the discounts on the Element 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Amazon Fire TV Edition. They are aiming for the largest volume TV deals to be sold in the history.

There are also some clues that they might be selling out their most discounted TVs and other electronics, so we suggest that you visit the site as often as possible to make sure you can get one. The retailer did not mention any deals regarding their own devices. They will probably announce it one day before the big day. Last year they announced that they had sold hundreds of thousands of Kindles and more than 2.5 times more of their Fire TV devices as compared to prior year of Prime Day.

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Why Amazon Prime Day Matters?

If you are a constant deal-seeker, Prime Day is one of the days that you should be marking your calendar. The latest gadgets and electronics are quite expensive if sold at their regular price. Prime Day could be a great chance for you to complete your collection without spending a lot. During the sale, you will find thousands of one-day-only deals. Meaning these items will be sold at discounted price only during the Prime day.

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What's the point of Prime Day?

Prime Day is actually to advertise Amazon’s Prime subscription, which according to Amazon is the best deal so far in online shopping. Since this day is for Prime members, many will sign up for a free trial of the service so they can participate and avail of the deals. Once they signed up, most of them remain as Prime subscribers.

As a Prime member selected items will be shipped to you for free within two days. Also, you will get access to Amazon entertainment like Transparent and Fleabag.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2017?

The Prime Day this year will be longer it will run for 30 hours. It will actually start at 6 pm PT/ 9 pm ET on July 10th Monday and will continue until Tuesday, July 11th. Last year the sale was opened to 13 countries. This year Prime Day sales will also be available in Mexico, China, and India.

Is Prime Subscription a Must to Participate?

Take note Amazon offers two types of deals during Prime Day. The Traditional deals that run all day, and the Lighting deals which are offered only for several hours or when stock runs out. Prime members will get to see the Lighting deals first before anybody else. Thus, some of the best deals can be gone before others who are not Prime members get to know about them.

This does not mean that you need to pay the Prime membership to participate and get the best deals on Prime Day. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial and you can enjoy all Prime benefits, including the Lighting deals on Prime day. But make sure that you cancel the trial afterward if you do not intend to continue. If you remained subscribed when the trial period ends, you would be billed automatically for membership.

Are there Special Prime Deals for Students?

Yes, Amazon is offering a special Prime deal for students. If you are a college student, you can get 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime. Once the free trial ends, and you want to continue your Prime membership, you can pay only 50% of the annual fee. It is worth considering not only for the Prime Day for the included music, TV and movie streaming.

Final Words

Mark your calendar! July 10, 2017, is the big day. You would not want to miss the opportunity to get the best deals on Amazon. It will be fun seeing all the gadgets and different items on sale. There are lots of things in store for you on Prime Day. You can purchase gift items and others that you need at the best possible price.

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