A Comprehensive 9H Ceramic Coating Reviews in 2022

Have you ever bought a new car only to realize that it’s outside appearance is getting older at a faster rate than usual? I recently bought a car and got surprised with the rate at which it was attracting dirt, having scratches and even started becoming pale. This is something that I never thought would happen to me, especially with a new car that has barely hit the 1000 miles mark.

My new ride was surely beginning to age, and soon I became a laughing stock. Even my closest friends couldn’t believe how I was duped. Any other thing about the car was up to standards; the only problem was with the paint. I, therefore, had to look for a way of sorting this out.

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You may have probably found yourself in a similar situation before. I know the confusion that I experienced was hard-hitting on you as well. So what is it that you did? Did you decide to sell the car altogether? I never thought of that myself.

In my case, I had to visit the car wash every week to get that shine back but it was costly. The 9H Ceramic Coating Reviews was not available at that time. I learned of it sometimes later when I had already spent so much. Apart from providing the bright shine that makes your ride stand out among others, it also offers protective features.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing 9H Ceramic Coating

You need the 9H Ceramic Coating from Color N Drive to protect your car from dirt, iron powder, bird drops, ultraviolet rays, dust and stone chips among other foreign particles. These unwanted materials might make the car lose its value after a short period of time.

The fact that this paint can be used in any kind of car makes it a great pick for all car owners. The coating works best on all car models with high-quality results being a guarantee. Below are some of the features you need to consider before buying the product:

1. Ease of Application

This ceramic coating is easy to apply; something that you can comfortably and quickly do on your own. If you can do it on your own, then you will have some good amount of money. By the way, you do not need to have any kind of experience to apply this product on your car. Beginners and professionals alike can use it without any hassle.

It comes with a step by step and simple guide that makes its application a breeze. It is also not a sophisticated brand like many out there.

2. Ease of Cleaning

This ceramic coating is designed with a self-cleaning technology that allows water to pearl and roll off its surface, therefore, easily removing dust particles plus any dirt. Being that the coating is water repellant, your car will always take the least time possible to dry. What a way to keep your car neat and appear newer?

3. Versatility

The 9H Ceramic Coating is capable of performing lots of functions like protection against UV rays, calcium, and acid rain. Acquiring it is a perfect example of killing two or so birds using just a single stone. So instead of buying products to perform these different functions, and you are not even sure of their compatibility, here is one product that does all the above.

4. Cost

The depth of your pocket is another thing that you need to look at before getting to the market. The good news, however, is that the 9H Ceramic Coating does not cost much. Just a few dollars from your account and all your car’s paint issues will have been solved.

A closer look at 9H Ceramic Coating

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The 9H Ceramic Coating from Color N Drive is a deep gloss that is capable of protecting your car paint from dirt and possibly harmful elements. Its hydrophobic properties allow it to stay clean for a longer period, therefore, making you use the least effort in cleaning it.

A single purchase is sufficient for two cars. It can also be applied to motorcycles. I remember how it made my 5-year old car look new and that’s how I got to sell it at a considerably higher price; an amount that nobody would have agreed to give out when still in its earlier state.

It is both hard and flexible; properties that make it capable of lasting for a record 5 years. It is basically designed for use in any car. But first, you have to clean your car’s finish from any contaminants. The presence of contaminants usually prevents the formation of a good band between the painted surface and the ceramic coating.

Additionally, you can either wash the car or do paste polishing prior to applying the coating for the best results. If you are not in a position to paste polish, then forget about claying your car’s surface. Generally, this is the ideal product that you have been looking for.

The kit includes:

  • 50 ml 9H Ceramic Coating
  • Gloves
  • 150 ml pretreatment
  • 2 coated sponges
  • 1 polishing microfiber
  • 1 spreading microfiber


  • plus
    Well priced
  • plus
    Easy and quick application
  • plus
    Faster delivery
  • plus
    Makes cleaning easy
  • plus
    Hard and lasts longer


  • Missing accessories at times
  • Leaking bottle if not well tightened

Features and Benefits of Color N Drive 9H Ceramic Coating

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Here are some of the perfect features of 9H Ceramic Coating that make it the best seller:

  • Anti-fouling and Hydrophobic: These are the properties behind it being self-cleaning. At no point will you, therefore, notice foreign particles on your car’s body surface. Besides, after you are done washing the car, it will take a very short time to dry up.
  • 9H Hardness: Its 9H hardness feature is what makes it durable enough to last up to 5 years. During this period, it will resist scratching. The hardness is coupled with flexibility for better performance.
  • 3D Deep Gloss: The high gloss ability of this ceramic coating is something that you can notice from far. It is brought about by the product’s Nano-Bionic particles which have been condensed to provide the high-quality crosslinking properties.
  • Anti-ultraviolet rays: Your car’s paint will be protected from oxidation and possible fading which is usually brought about by UV rays.
  • Antistatic, calcium and acid rain: Being that it is antistatic, it will repel all dust particles from your vehicle’s paintwork giving it a new look in the end. Additionally, the anti-calcium property is just a way of preventing the formation of water spots on the car’s body.
    It also shields your car from acid rains that often cause corrosion. Once all these have been well taken care of, what else remains to be worried about?

Social Proof and Customer Review of this Coating

During my closer look at this product and what people say about it, I came across overwhelming positive reviews. This shows that the product has been well received by customers and that it delivers just like the manufacturer says.

This should, therefore, give you the confidence to purchase it. I am that kind of a person who is always very skeptical at buying a product that is new in the market. But having endorsed it, know that it deserves the endorsement in totality.

Most customers love the durability of this coating and the long and high quality protection it offers most cars. They also loved the deep gloss that it gives cars. Its easy application process also made most people love it.


There are some great ceramic coatings currently available in the markets that are good alternatives to the 9H Ceramic Coating. Let’s have a look at them and whatever they offer that this product over here does not.

1. Migliore Strata Ceramic Coating

This is another great ceramic coating that can function so well as a backup plan for the Color N Drive’s 9H Ceramic Coating. However, it is somehow more expensive compared to the 9H Coating.

Another difference between these two products is that whereas the 9H Ceramic Coating is capable of lasting for up to 5 years, the Migliore Strata only lasts for a year.

They also share a lot in common. Some of which are:

  • They are good in protecting your car from UV rays, salt, acid rain, dirt and bird droppings among others.
  • They are glossy hence providing your car with a newer look
  • Their application process is a breeze and much faster
  • Both of them are hydrophobic making cleaning so easy

2. Micro Detailer (MD) 600 Pro Ceramic Coating

The second alternative is the Micro Detailer Ceramic Coating which is a concentrated solution that is highly versatile and can be used in other areas like boat paintings as well. Again, this alternative product is more costly than the 9H Ceramic Coating.

  • Both use Nano-technology as their modes of operation
  • Are hydrophobic and hence self-cleaning
  • Are rated 9H in terms of hardness and flexibility


Protect your car from aging faster by applying the 9H Ceramic Coating from Color N Drive. This product is relatively cheap, easy to apply and is self-cleaning together with other high-quality features that it possesses. Your car will be in most instances judged from the outside appearance and not how it looks on the inside.

This proves why you need to have a second thought about how your car’s body surface needs to look like. I hope this article on 9H Ceramic Coating Reviews has been of great help to you. And hey, don’t fail to get this product on Amazon and let your car enjoy the same benefits my car has been enjoying since I started using this coating.

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