5 Car Technologies That Win Driver’s Trust

The most modern technologies swiftly overriding the transportation and mobility, drivers love to have them on board

Attending several motor shows over the past few years, I am feeling that my brain has been washed out in favor of futuristic and advanced technologies used in the cars and car engines. Upon making a survey, the results showed that I am not the one infected by the technological advancement syndrome but almost everyone in the market asks for these technologies.

It would not be a wrong claim that the modern technologies are actually winning the trust of the drivers and they love to have them on board. The car's market has been exclusively evolved in the past decade, now every new comes with modern technologies as standard features. This, not the time now when power steering, power windows and EFI fuel injection systems were being marketed as modern technologies.

Luxury and upstream vehicles are expensive because they are using electric windows, automatic doors and automatic climate control system. Today, these features become essential and come as standard and every average car have more than these features. Today’s luxury car starts from far higher than those offered in the 90s or even before.

Today’s luxury car has a number of gadgets to facilitate the drivers. An average luxury car offers a driver assistant package to facilitate the driver and a top-rated luxury car offers autonomous drive system, where the driver can take a rest while on the go.

5 Car Technologies That Win Driver’s Trust

Car’s autonomous system itself drives the car with the same efficiency that a human driver has.

In the lower level luxury cars or a sort of good vehicles which are not coming under the luxury but have excellent ratings, they are offering more technologies than any vehicle offered in the 90s. Even the average cars are offering all those features in their standard list which were once offered in luxury trims.

Today’s luxury cars have more than 100 sensors working more actively than a driver behind the wheel to assist him and help him to drive purposefully. There are hundreds of advanced technologies that are being offered in the today’s cars where heated seats, cruise control system, lane keeping and departure system, parking assistants and speed controlling systems are most common.

Majority of these features comes as standard in new cars. Other features include adaptive systems e.g. adaptive headlights which work according to the requirement of the driver, adaptive cruise control system automatically sense the ground or the track condition and adjust the driving modes of the vehicle.

The experts have selected the five best technology gadgets which are more demanding these days and almost every driver wish to have these five technologies installed in their vehicle, even it is a luxury or an average vehicle. These technologies can make your ride safer and comfortable.

It is also expected that these technologies are converting the science fiction features into the real world realities and no one can say that in the next few years how many new technologies will come in to assist the drivers or even to remove the driver from his seat. Let’s have a look at five most essential technologies one by one and see how they are trying to help the drivers.

5. GPS Navigation system

5 Car Technologies That Win Driver’s Trust GPS

It is necessary that you should select a destination before you go on a ride and in today’s most populous towns and cities where every road which was used for dual traffic, has restrictions. The emission control zones have been changed and the speed limits on several areas have been changed.

There are thousands of security and traffic enforcement cameras working in every city of the UK now. Majority of the drivers do not know about them. This is the point where drivers need a technology that can inform them about the real-time traffic condition and restriction coming ahead.

This is where GPS and satellite navigation system comes into action. Today’s navigation systems are not like that 10 or 15 years old offline device known as tom tom. These systems are more agile, more informative and more accurate than any other devices. These navigation systems called connected driver assistants.

These systems not only inform you about the traffic restriction but they also update you on the real time traffic situation on the road ahead. Today's connected world gives you everything and thus the GPS and satellite positioning system that guides you to your destination.

Modern navigation systems locate your particular location and offer turn through recommendations on every point where the driver needs an action. Even more, modern navigation systems give you information about the nearest fuel stations, ATMs, restaurants, service areas and even if you need to know about the police station, every information available.

4. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

5 Car Technologies That Win Driver’s Trust ABS

The grip on the ground is one of the most crucial factors in effectual driving and it is clear that if your vehicle has the firm grip on the road or any ground it is using, it will run efficiently. With the firm grip on the road, a vehicle can go faster and wheels will push the vehicle more in a unit area against every single turn of the wheels.

If your vehicle is slipping or skidding on the road, it will lose its grip on the ground and will definitely lose control which is a seriously dangerous factor in driving. In such kind of conditions, anti-lock braking system serves the vehicles to make the driving safer and secure.

The ABS or Anti-Lock Braking system monitors every wheel individually and controls the wheel speed by distributing all the engine power on other wheels. The ABS anti-lock braking system manages the cruise system with the help of a computer and if the anti-lock braking system goes into any malfunction situation, the brakes system will still remain active and in working condition.

On the other hand, do-it-yourselfers can do their brake jobs firmly and conveniently, although they have bought to relieve system stress earlier than eliminating a brake line. In any case, there is a number of technicalities however here are just those five technologies are being explained that you must have in your vehicle.

In regards to the technologies that your future automobile will have, it is likely one of the necessary functions that your car must have to keep you driving safely.

3. Remote Keyless Entry

5 Car Technologies That Win Driver’s Trust

Name of the technology tells everything and thus the case of the remote keyless entry technology. As name mentions that it is a keyless entry system for the vehicle. It means you do not need to have a vehicle key to enter the cabins and even to start the vehicle.

Keyless entry enables you to remotely free up your car by pressing the button the key knob. The ability to get into the car even when you do not have your vehicle keys with you. In the poorly lit areas, these keys work like only control systems and dive excellent safety by only opening the driver’s door.

If you wish to open the other doors, you ought to push twice to unencumber different doors, so there isn't a fear a couple of hidden burglar jumping into the passenger's side. Most essentially have an alarm button that flashes the lights and honks the horn in case of any illegal activity on the car such as trying to open the doors without actual key fobs.

2. Roadside assistance

On the motorway cruising and on any busy road, if you are running out of control e.g. do not have fuel or have the engine problem, you need a road assistance immediately to give you helping hand in this situation. The road assistance system comes in luxury vehicles but it is an essential system and it must come in all vehicles, from an average to a luxury car.

Roadside assistance is one of the toughest tasks in the UK when you do not have anything with you e.g. phone or your recovery group’s number. The built-in roadside assistance will help and will call the emergency services for your help. There are only a few car makers offer it as a part of their "certified used" applications but it must be provided as a standard feature.

1. Biometric Vehicle Access

One of the most secure and crucial systems that can protect the vehicle from being theft is the switch from keys to keyless entry has been seen in the past few years where this shift of technology is going even further. There are some vehicles which are using key-fob-less entry and start system as well.

You can start or unlock your vehicle with the help of a biometric entry. In this system, the driver needs nothing but his or her fingerprint to get into the vehicle. This way the security of the vehicle will increase and there will be no need to make special security arrangements.

This system must be introduced in the modern vehicles so that the theft rate can be exclusively eliminated. This technology will also help the driver to go with free hands and he does not need to make any special arrangements for the security of their car.

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