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How To Prepare For A Race?

If you think that you’ve trained for the upcoming race by driving a few miles, then you are not doing enough. While going on a drive is essentially what prepare’s your body for the big day, you also have to consider a lot of other things. Many drivers, even those who are already seasoned, can […]

The Importance Of Turbocharger In A Car

People are always in search for something better, more efficient, and cheaper. That’s why innovations won’t end. In the car industry, for example, companies have built faster models, and still aim to make them even faster. This lead to the invention of turbocharger, which offers to faster engine that uses less fuel. In other words, […]

Which Is Better: Formula One Or NASCAR?

Have you ever been a fan of auto racing? When watching a race, do you value the luxurious cars or the thrill of the competition? What’s more important in a race: new high-tech cars or traditional reliable cars? These are the many questions that auto racing fans and drivers ask themselves and each other. In […]

Most Unforgettable Car Races In The History

Racing has thrilled and will continue to thrill people. Nobody can deny the excitement of seeing car overspeeding each other. Wheel-to-wheel race, with underdogs competing for side by side seasoned racers, is something worth watching. If we’re lucky, we can get more action and watch a new star bring the home the bacon. There are races […]